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Life Change Bike...Bye Bye

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by cool1442, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. When I bought my '99 Vmax it was sort of a bucket list bike. Kidney failure, cancer tests, and 20 months of dialysis had me sucked down to months left to live. I bought it cuz I knew it would give me the thrills to the end. Finally negative tests, a fantastic doner brother, surgeons skills, and whispered prayers got me and the Vmax off the bucket list. It became my new life ride and we had 5 years of awesome rides.

    Last summers dirt bike crash left me with one crunchy knee that just would not fit the Max any more. As it headed down my long driveway in a pickup to its new home in Billings, I got a litte weepy... yeah I lnow its just a machine..but still. So now Im looking for a 90% type pavement ride with leg room. Something that sits like a Vstrom feels best so far.

    Without getting a lot of crap flipped at me for being a bit sentimental,,anyone else have some comments about a bike that meant an emotional ton to them?
  2. I do.

    My 81 Honda CM400T. It was first bike, and always started no matter what. Sold it, and forever regretted it. Seeing the new owner ride it away was hard. Def goning to be a happy momenet if I run across it again.

  3. I put 83k miles on a 2006 R6. I learned to ride on it. When I moved out of my parents' house I rode it to my new house. I took girlfriend after girlfriend for rides on it. First time I broke 100mph. First time on a racetrack. First wheelie. When the engine blew in March of 2011 it was like losing a very close friend.

    That bike represented my independence and, over time, grew to be part of my identity. I parked my car the day I got my full endorsement and only drove it after that to move it from house to house. The bike and I were inseparable. Whenever I was stressed I went riding. When I was happy I went riding. When I got laid off and only had 30 bucks a week spending money, I spent it on gas to go riding. Every major life event between the ages of 19 and 25 for me had a helmet either on my head, in my hand, or in a corner of the room and I'm happy that I did all of those things on my 2006 R6.

    I'm gonna go cry in a corner... Or drink a beer and watch my old helmet cam videos.
  4. Glad you are around to part with her. I have an 83 Honda VT500 Ascot that is in my garage and I want to sell her, but just cannot seem to do it. Sad really because it just sits there.
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  5. '85 VF500F Interceptor. My first street bike. Had to sell it to make tax bills.

    But it went to a good home, and it's still on the street today, so I'm happy about that.
  6. I can relate - I've owned, over the past 25 years or so, at least 10 bikes - I've never missed any of them until the deer took out my 08 KTM SuperDuke - I actually believed I'd own that bike forever. It did everything I'd ever wanted in a bike - it handled like a dream, sounded even better with that raucous twin, ride position fit me perfectly and to my eyes at least it was a great looking bike.

    After the crash I knew it would never be the same. It was totaled and it's gone. There will never be another bike for me. It treated me right for the 4 years I owned it.

  7. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    First and foremost, I'm glad you're still around to tell the tale. Cool story man...seriously.

    I have one bike in my stable that I'll probably never sell.. 1981 Seca 550. I bought it new in 81 and made a ton of memories on it.. She's damn near perfect, and hasn't been started in over 4 years now..
  8. I completely understand that feeling. I had an 06on cbr 600 f4i that i bought in 08. I put 8k miles on it over 2yrs. I was deployed 2 and a half of them. Great bike. I invested a ton of money making her my custom baby. I sold her last weekend. And almost cried watching her go...and to a new rider. Knowing what happens to a majority of new riders first bike.
  9. '06 V-Max.
    I used it up all of a sudden when the front end washed out in a high speed right hander and then a very brief motocross ride.
    Sold it for salvage.

    I miss that bike a lot.
  10. I had an '88 Vmax that I rolled over 52,000 miles on. It was the second bike I ever owned and I absolutely loved it! She was my baby but I was forced to sell her to pay the bills when things got too tight a couple years back. I finally picked up another recently, funny I actually bought it up from a guy in Billings a few weeks ago. Still, I wish I could have her back, nothing quite like your first true love...
  11. Thanks for your kind and cool responses.. and guess what? The Vmax replacement bike has karmaed its way into my life. Last Saturday I was picking up a $3 screw for my
    XR650 at CDA Powersports. A sales guy was trying to sell it to another guy, who wasnt interested that day, and kind of ignored me as I was getting more interested in the bike. Eventually the prospective buyer left and the guy started wheeling it away, but I told him I wanted to sit on it. Another sales guy read my interest way better and in a few I was taking a test ride. A couple hours of non-productive haggeling (from my view) and we shook hands...we had a deal. Since it was a fresh trade in, it needed to be passed thru the service dept. for cleaning and a check over. Tuesday afternoon I'll take delivery.

    Will I have the same warm fuzzies the Vmax gave me? Don't know yet. Its a bike I don't know a lot about, other than reputation and best friend owning another model fo the same brand. Its a big assed bike but Im a XXL kind of guy so maybe we were made to get together? Time will tell and comments are welcome.[​IMG]
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  12. I found your story to be really inspiring. To go from what you thought was certain, fairly imminent death to a new lease on must have felt amazing.

    When it comes to motorcycles, most of my inspiration comes from the first street-only bike I ever bought, a '73 RD350 in Germany, 1977. Having mostly been into dirt bikes in my early teens, I didn't know at the time I'd stumbled across one of the only truly well-handling bikes of the era. I fell in love with the bike and never lost my penchant for them. When I got back into owning them after a several year hiatus, I even found my BF on an RD-specific vintage forum! I consider that to be some good fortune, too!

    Now I have an entire garage/shop full of these smokers and when I ride them, mentally I feel 19 again. I hope to ride them 'til I die. No matter how refined modern bikes are/become, none of them will ever give me the visceral feelings the RDs and RZs do.

    To paraphrase the NRA saying: they can have my two strokes when they pry them from my cold, dead hands!
  13. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed


    I feel your pain; There are two machines I really wished were still in my shop, well maybe three. My first Corvette a 68 427 red convertible I purchased in 69. Second my 850 Norton Commando, black with gold pinstripes, and last, and this one really hurts. My 70 Boss 302 Yellow with the shaker hood scoop, rear window sports slats and rear spoiler. I have tried to track down the Boss, and would like to buy her back. (last time I saw her she was parked at Centralia College, sporting a plate that read "Bossy;" What could I have been thinking. PS thinking with the wrong head, had just married a women with two kids and the car wasn't working out...AJ

  14. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    For me it was a 1976 Goldwing. It was the first bike that Admiral Martha picked out together, and we used the heck out of it exploring Washington State and the Vancouver, BC area. When we added an '84 Aspencade to the fleet I lost my mind and sold it. The idiot that bought it blew it up and had the unmitigated gaul to tell me about it and laugh.

    Martha talked me out of homicide that day.
  15. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

  16. It is a Corvette for me too. In my case, my second, a 1996 Grand Sport. I bought her in 2000, just a few weeks after I left active duty in the Navy. I had her for a little over 3 years. We did a lot of traveling and racked up close to 40k miles. Not bad considering she was wrapped up snug as a bug during the winters.

    Then I got laid off from my job, and it was the house or the car. It was not as easy a decision as one might think. I kept the house and my Grand Sport now lives is Alabama. Every few years I email the guy that bought her and remind him that if he ever decides to sell her, he has to give me first dibs.
  17. Your in good company friend.

    So, what I hear you saying here is, your read for a Harley Davidson?
    I think the new switch back would be prefect for you.

  18. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    All I can say is Thank God For Martha...

    That sucks, I know how you feel as family and a roof over one's head are the first priority. I heard a rumor among the Chehalis/Centralia cruisers that the Boss was totaled. But am unable to confirm it. It would be easy to spot, as it had a custom built 3 point roll bar I made and installed. Rather than cut up the back of the car, and since there was not a console. I welded a bar from the center down to the tunnel, hence the 3 point bar. It was padded with a fire extinguisher mounted on the back side...AJ
  19. I had to sell my 98 Vmax because of my divorce. A guy drove all the way from Oregon to Washington to pick it up. .Felt sick in my stomach as he drove away and my dual TBR pipes with their deep note saying bye to me..Wiping tear away.
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