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  1. Ok, here's the deal. I'm becoming a dealer for some pretty sweet lithium batteries and I need to place my initial order. I need to buy at least 10, of any combination. The mark up is really a joke for what the dealer cost is vs retail, so it's not much of a break, but hey everything helps, right?

    The AM8 model will fire a 1000cc Ducati easily, and weighs 820 grams. Not only that, its dimensions are about 4"x4.5"x2.36", that's very small.

    They are on sale currently, and I can't beat the price by much, but I can get you the AM8 model for $82, and that is with shipping to me. Compare that to a Shorai battery at something like $189, and this is an exceptional deal. Being that we're all local to each other, pick up should be a piece of cake. I will also see if I can get them drop shipped to you, but no guarantees.

    The brand is Alien Motion and they are Aprilia guys that are serious about bikes, so they aren't some pieces of crap made in China. Besides, I wouldn't buy them for myself if they were. Homie don't play that (for you In Living Color fans).

    AM4 - $54
    AM8 - $82
    AM12 - $115

    Charger - $31

    I can take paypal or cash/check in person.

    Who's in?

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    Looking at their site, looks like they just make bike batteries...any chance they have one that would be enough to start a 13b rotary? Planning to go with a 17# braille, but if I could get a ~5# LiOn, I'll take the weight savings...
  3. Charger?
    They need to be charged on a stand along charger?
    Clue me in please.
  4. Yes, I'd be interested in knowing this too. From what I understand, they require a cccv charge profile similar to a lead acid battery.
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    Lithium Ferrous batteries require a special charger to be sure you don't overcharge them.
  6. Wellllll, a standard charger will charge (think about it... your generator/alternator is charging it too). What the speciality chargers do is re-balance individual cells in the pack to keep things optimum. I have a Ballistic and they say a balance charge once a year is about all you need to do, otherwise a normal charger is fine. They do have some time limits however so you don't just leave a trickle charger on for the winter.

    BTW, because the batteries are so much smaller than standard, you may have to run new wiring and fab something to hold the battery in place.
  7. Charging
    Direct from them: "No, we recommend using our chargers, but they can be charged using most 14.4V charging systems with no more than 10 amps on the AM4 and no more than 20 amps on the AM8 & AM12 models. Do not use a trickle charger."

    Seems like its not a big deal.

    Sivart: I don't know about starting up the rotary, but if one AM12 wouldn't do it, you could run 2 of them and still save weight and be cheaper too.

    For mounting, they can all fit in your standard battery location if you just fill the empty space with foam core, or strap it in well.
  8. not trying taking anything away from the post, but these are the same type that have been used in the RC car & plane market for some time, their charger does nothing special meaning it's not a Proprietary system designed just for their battery, these type of batteries are the way to go, regardless of Mfr.
  9. Yep, you're totally right! These batteries are great, and their charger is just a good price for one that works is really it.
  10. Update on the batteries:
    They say they have mounting pods that come with them, to make them fit easier in the stock location.

    NEED 3 MORE BUYERS for the initial order and then I'll be doing an order of 5 or more after that, same deal.
  11. Need 1 more buyer before I place the order
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