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Local Dunlop dealer

Discussion in 'Westside' started by NW Rider, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at picking up a new set of Q2's and was wondering if there was anywhere local that had a good deal on them? The cheapest I've found online is $235 shipped for 180/120 combo, but not sure if anybody local could match/beat it?

    A little birdy told me KFG could hook it up but iirc, they're Pirelli only dealer?
  2. $235 shipped is a good price. EDR down here had them for $210, but that'd cost you some shipping $$$.

  3. That is a good deal, about what I paid for mine. I watched this movie the other day, twisty wristy or something... I learned that you should warm them up and you can go sooper fast.
  4. I use these on my ZX10R, great tire, harder center for longer life when cruising, softer outsides for getting low, I got mine from I-90 Motorsports, rear was $285 installed, agreed on heating em up 1st, gets sticky as hell after about 15 minutes.
  5. KFG is exclusive for Pirelli RACE tires, but they can get any street tire, including Q2's (which they stock). Their price includes mount/balance for "carried in" wheels.

    And no, you can't borrow my front stand again.:thefinge: only because I sold it and no longer have one.
  6. :scared Just for the rear?
  7. $319.99 b4 tax for both 120/70 and 180/55 Q2's installed on the bike is what I found at a Ducati dealer.... imagine that a ducati dealer that wants to sell tires at a great price.....:mrgreen:
  8. I pulled the papers, it was $235 install for the rear only.
  9. You really need to get out of my head and stop reading my thoughts, creeper. crackup:

    I spoke with KFG, they want $299.99 for the tires + tax .. and that includes installation/balancing/warranty .. It's a screaming deal, but since I'm asian and dated a Jew, I pinch pennies harder than Michael Jackson did to little boy tooshies.

    I just paid $235 shipped for the Q2's and it's $40 to have them mounted balanced by KFG if I do bring in my wheels to the shop. or $40 a wheel on bike.

    Did it hurt? Did it hurt when they bent you over and raped you with out any KY Jelly? :thefinge:
  10. You need tires bad, I was noticing your slicks last week! whos is KFG?
  11. fuck you.
  12. I've got a set of Q2 brand new never used that I bought last year. They're still tied together from when they were shipped to me. I can sell them for 200 cash and I'll even mount them if you bring me the rims off the bike for 20 bucks. email me at or PM me.
  13. I just logged on here to post this for NW Rider, I read this on your thread just before I left work. Great Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just curious, you got a balancer?
  14. That's a little better, but still. I got my last set of Q2's (last year) mounted and balanced on the bike for $280. Unless you like I90 a lot I'd shop around.
  15. Hey NW Rider, have you called around to the local dealers? If not, I would suggest doing that.... and once you get the new tires, we need to go out riding sometime.
  16. :chduh: Kenny F'ing G!
  17. KFG Racing in Auburn