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Discussion in 'Westside' started by NW Rider, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at picking up a new set of Q2's and was wondering if there was anywhere local that had a good deal on them? The cheapest I've found online is $235 shipped for 180/120 combo, but not sure if anybody local could match/beat it?

    A little birdy told me KFG could hook it up but iirc, they're Pirelli only dealer?
  2. $235 shipped is a good price. EDR down here had them for $210, but that'd cost you some shipping $$$.
  3. That is a good deal, about what I paid for mine. I watched this movie the other day, twisty wristy or something... I learned that you should warm them up and you can go sooper fast.
  4. I use these on my ZX10R, great tire, harder center for longer life when cruising, softer outsides for getting low, I got mine from I-90 Motorsports, rear was $285 installed, agreed on heating em up 1st, gets sticky as hell after about 15 minutes.
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    KFG is exclusive for Pirelli RACE tires, but they can get any street tire, including Q2's (which they stock). Their price includes mount/balance for "carried in" wheels.

    And no, you can't borrow my front stand again.:thefinge: only because I sold it and no longer have one.
  6. :scared Just for the rear?
  7. $319.99 b4 tax for both 120/70 and 180/55 Q2's installed on the bike is what I found at a Ducati dealer.... imagine that a ducati dealer that wants to sell tires at a great price.....:mrgreen:
  8. I pulled the papers, it was $235 install for the rear only.
  9. You really need to get out of my head and stop reading my thoughts, creeper. crackup:

    I spoke with KFG, they want $299.99 for the tires + tax .. and that includes installation/balancing/warranty .. It's a screaming deal, but since I'm asian and dated a Jew, I pinch pennies harder than Michael Jackson did to little boy tooshies.

    I just paid $235 shipped for the Q2's and it's $40 to have them mounted balanced by KFG if I do bring in my wheels to the shop. or $40 a wheel on bike.

    Did it hurt? Did it hurt when they bent you over and raped you with out any KY Jelly? :thefinge:
  10. You need tires bad, I was noticing your slicks last week! whos is KFG?
  11. fuck you.
  12. I've got a set of Q2 brand new never used that I bought last year. They're still tied together from when they were shipped to me. I can sell them for 200 cash and I'll even mount them if you bring me the rims off the bike for 20 bucks. email me at attilad@gmail.com or PM me.
  13. I just logged on here to post this for NW Rider, I read this on your thread just before I left work. Great Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just curious, you got a balancer?
  14. That's a little better, but still. I got my last set of Q2's (last year) mounted and balanced on the bike for $280. Unless you like I90 a lot I'd shop around.
  15. Hey NW Rider, have you called around to the local dealers? If not, I would suggest doing that.... and once you get the new tires, we need to go out riding sometime.
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