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Locking tie down straps

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Wyckedan, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Many times after a trackday I'm too worn out to unload my bike, or have to leave it overnight outside at a hotel. While the trailer hitch has a lock on it, it would be pretty easy to just unload the bike off the trailer to steal it. So I googled locking tie down straps and found Pretty neat concept. The incorporate a steel cable down the inside of the strap, and a locking caribiner, to make the bike a bit more secure. I realize a cable could be cut with bolt cutters, but I still like the idea. I think I'm going to pick a set up, they're damn nice tie downs just by themselves. A little spendy at $40 a piece, but they seem really high quality. The only fault I see is the your canyon dancers could still be easily cut with a pocket knife. But I bet there's an easy solution for that.

  2. $40 is cheap for anything that is actually secure.

    fyi, those aren't secure.

  3. Where do you see a weak point?
  4. the locks that could easily be torn apart with pliers

    the cable easily cut by dikes

    the strap end rivets easily torn apart with a drill or dremel

    I'd go on, but that covers literally every part that they are trying to make secure

    it's more secure than a normal strap, but if you really want security get a garage, or an enclosed trailer.

    *garages and trailers are only secure because they are "out of sight, out of mind"
  5. Don't listen to idiots... those straps would provide way more protection than your regular straps (and in front of a hotel they typically don't have garages.) I'd buy a $20 brake disc lock and slap it on there too and call it a day.

    Thiefs are looking for the easy pick. They aren't stupid because they steal, they steal because they're stupid.
  6. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    I looked at that and the first thing I saw was the rinky-dink adjuster.
    What's to stop one from simply sliding the strap apart at the adjuster? As koorbloh pointed out, those rivets ain't gonna stop a determined thief.

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2012
  7. You're supposed to loop it around itself to tale up the slack, and slide the end in the locking device. Yeah the rivets could be drilled out, but that requires a drill. Most thefts are spur of the moment decisions, if they have the right tools they're gonna get it, but as far as slowing the random snatch and grab, this would help with that.
  8. The galvanized steel rivets are larger than the opening of the adjuster preventing it from sliding through. And as I mentioned... those are galvanized steel rivets, your typical drill isn't going to be able to drill a hole in button head galvanized steel rivets. The parking lot of a hotel is public enough I would trust these straps to deter a thief.

    Look at the specs yourself before making judgment

    And last but not least, always remember I before E except after C
  9. for the random guy, yeah, it's gonna help.

    unless that random guy gets pissed off and comes back or breaks your shit out of anger ;)
  10. Why not just chain your bike to your trailer?
  11. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    This is what I get for being lazy & typing too fast!

    At least they're honest enough to recognize & state the limitations!

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  12. This. Regular tie downs + BF chain + heavy duty master lock = win.
  13. Wasnt there a thread not too long ago about motorcycle thieves? And, in the video provided the ex thief made it very clear that if they want your bike, they'll get it no matter what. He suggested that all you can do is your best to deter them from stealing your bike. In other words dont make it an easy target.

    Little things like this WITH other forms of security put together make it a time consuming bitch to steal and thats what will keep your bike yours.

    Just my humble opinion, get the straps if at least it gives you some peace of mind.
  14. Fuck it, I'd just unbolt your handlebars or clips-ons. You can keep that shit.

    *I'm not a thief.
  15. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Your statement about a typical drill isn't going to be able to drill a hole in a galvanized steel rivet?

    Galvanizing is not a hardening process. It is the process of bonding zinc to steel in order to prevent it from rusting. It is a very weak layer and you can easily scratch galvanizing off, as it is a surface treatment, that is it.
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  17. That's Weird.

  18. Enclosed trailers are targets for theives, especially in front of motels.

    Easy to steal, almost always full of, vehicles, musical equipment, ect... And if they are empty, stolen trailers are easy to sell.

    Your logic is flawed....
  19. *shrug*

    an enclosed trailer might have bikes, or it might have beds in it.

    an enclosed trailer has exactly what you can see.
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