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Longer Weather Forecast site

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by UhOh, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I've always been using which has up to 10 day forecasts. offers 15 day predictions and nice enough automatic graphs of temps / precip % risk just below.

    Yes, it's a forecast, but many here try to plan trips, so this is just a longer resource available.
    Don't beat on me if I'm the later than you to have found it.
  2. with the way the weather is here anything more than an hour out is a waste of

  3. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    Here you go.

    Cold, Rain. Repeat.
  4. flyboy712

    flyboy712 Dr Funkenberry

    Being a pilot that relies greatly on weather conditions I can tell that anything beyond about 2-3 days your wasting your time.

    East side of the mountains 90% chance of sun.......west side 90% chance of rain, and that about sums it up.
  5. What do you pilot?
  6. I know the forecast for the entire state!

    Liquid Sunshine!
  7. That is 100% true. Anything more than 2 days is a waste of time, even 1 day in some cases. I have never relied on forcast. In Washington, we have had many many times where they said it would be raining the entire week and it turned out to be sunny the whole week and the other way around too. Best thing is to wakeup in the morning, flip the blinds and decide if your gonna ride or drive! Thats what i do!
  8. flyboy712

    flyboy712 Dr Funkenberry

  9. Anything beyond 2-3 days is a waste of time.

    A few years ago when we got married, we had an outdoor wedding planned for Mid August. I remember as soon as the date showed up in the 10 day forecast on it said something like it would be 65 and raining. Of course my now wife started freaking out about it.

    The actual weather for our outdoor wedding? Not a cloud in the sky and 103 degrees.

    Yes it was fucking hot in that tuxedo, but the beer helped me stay hydrated....

    Only goes out about a week to ten days,but is updated a lot,and seems to be the most accurate of all of them...