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Longing to ride

Discussion in 'Westside' started by dizzle, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    A cruiser.

    I've ridden sport bikes, street fighters, sumos, dirt bikes, but never a cruiser. I was wondering if anybody has one that I can ride around the block? I'm not trying to rack up a ton of miles, I just wanna see how it feels like to "cruise".

    I have lots of collateral, 2 bikes, a Jeep, a Macbook Pro, an iPad and a few other misc things that would cover any damages if I were to fuck up the bike (i'm known for that, but only on HB, which I'll stay away from).

    The uglier the bike the better. As long as it's in working mechanical condition and isn't jimmy rigged for me to crash so you can score a free ipad or something, i'm down to ride.

    Seriously, I just wanna go around the block. Maybe down to the store to buy you a beer or something. Then we can stand around and bullshit. Or go ride.

    Oh, you can ride whatever bike I bring to meet up with you and follow me. It's cool.

    Totally serious, I wanna ride a cruiser.

    Any takers? :popcorn:
  2. If you got a SM id love to try one of those. I got a HD Dyna if you wanna try. PM me i got one small detail you would want to know about.
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  3. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I don't have an sm. and the only bike others can ride is my gsxr.
  4. i have a lawn mower you can ride.
  5. Ha thats cool, im in renton if you wanna ride a HD. I havent ridden it in a while so its not registered/street legal. but if you wanna ride it just let me know.
  6. hey dizzle, i have a sport cruiser u can put around a couple blocks on, ill be at the cycle gear bike night in tacoma if u can make it out there tomorrow,
  7. does yours have the 'merikun flag suicide knob like true white trash?


    dane, I've got a 1978 cb 400 you could ride that's kinda cruiserish. (you'll need to bring an engine for it though....mine's shot)
  8. black 8 ball suicide knob aftermarket horn.. bull horns.. duct tape and some straps holding the bagging system together.... i think she's white trash

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  9. HOLY FUCK. I lose.

    wait...where are the beer holders?
  10. Maybe Grankor will let you ride his Intruder 1400, and If that dont work.....You should hit up Diva~
  11. no.

    If this doesn't work out, go to a dealer.

    Seriously, I'd hitup one of the Harley shops. Check out the Sportster, take it for a test ride. I like the feel of other cruisers (Honda VTX & Suzuki's) but hey, different strokes for different folks.

    Unless you don't have your endorsement. :nana

    I <3 cruisers, cause they're more comfy for me.
  12. Sportster is not really a cruiser. If your serious, come see me. 04 Ultra Classic, and 09 Softail Heritage Classic. Or call George Axtell at the Harley shop next to where RMC used to be.

    I spent an hour on a Ducati Diavel a while back, not really a cruiser in the traditiional sense, but what a rocket!!! Very easy to ride, slow or fast, 2 wheels or 1. They are agressively marketing the bike, you should be able to get a ride.
  13. Go buy a 3rd bike, DO IT! You should let me ride you JIXXER, I have been longing to ride one of those........NOT
  14. Between his laps?!?!?
  15. Dane, you need a pathetic sideways self portrait avatar to make this more relevant.
  16. not sure about his yard, but if I stopped every time I did a lap, it would take me all damn weekend to mow the yard instead of just all day!
  17. I still have to repair the tank on the S50 Boulevard after the last person I let ride it wrecked.
  18. Sure. The brakes and handling are crap so be careful.

  19. negative, but i do have a beer holder.
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