lookin to go on a ride tomorrow, monday 7/16.

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by TheSumoBear, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Haven't been able to ride much Lately because I went camping for a week and started a new job when I got back.. But tomorrow is my day off and I NEED to hit some curvy roads. I'll ride solo, but I'd love to have some company. Any takers?

    Not sure on a rout yet but I'm game for almost anything.
  2. ill go if the meetup time is after 3pm.
  3. I might be in after 3 let me know what you guys are up to.
  4. That works for me. That way I can get a full day of school in too... I don't know too many different routes to go on, so if someone wants to suggest anything. I'll let you pick
  5. i think you two need to swap avatar pics.
  6. I have to put my air filters back in my bike and can meet up at the Tuesday SBUX coffee joint near Padden and Andreseen a bit after 3 then we can pull out and bounce around Washougal River and some of the back roads out there if you guys want.
  7. Idk. I'm at school right now. I was just gonna go hit err to salmonfalls rd and ride 14 home in a while. Since nobody suggested a route. And my phones almost dead so I might not be able to plan anything with any one
  8. I'll be at the shell station on 112th and Burton road at 330. And wait for a little while. There. Lol
  9. Ok I will google it. Gotta get the bike together.
  10. Ah I didn't see your post right before mine. Lol Alright well Ill see ya soon. Or if youd rather go to star bucks u can txt me. Got home and phone on the charger for a bit. 360. 980. 6691
  11. not gonna make it. ill hit up the sbux ride tomorrow for sure.

  12. Is there a ride before Tues coffee?
  13. Not sure. Would be rad if there was though. And MrMatt, today's ride was awesome. I had a blast. Thanks for comin out and showin me some great roads.
  14. :wav:

    Good times!!
  15. I did the cougar carson loop earlier today and thought i'd be clever and skip the construction on Highway 14 in Washougal, so popped up Salmon Falls road and headed down WRR only to find out there was a bridge out and i had to turn around go back to Salmon Falls road go back to 14 then sit in construction:banghead:
  16. Lol. Dude that sucks. No other way around it?
  17. You should be able to take Gibson road out from Washougal. Or even 32nd street.
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