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looking at riding gear in sutherland

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by midevilaxe, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Hey anyone up for a small ride out to sutherland. Going to go look at riding gear at Randys old bike shop. Lots of stuff there not on his web site. i will be leaving sonics at 1:45 pm today hope to see some of you there.
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  2. Missed the trip to Randy's, glad we bumped into you guys in town. Looped up and rode Tyee, good ride.

  3. That guy in Sutherlin that sells motorcycle riding gear. He does a lot of online sales. I cant remember a sign out front. He's across Central Ave. from the carwash, just up from McD's.
  4. Everything cycles
    1305 W Central Ave
    Sutherlin, OR 97479
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  5. With all the stuff outside that says "CLEARANCE"?
    I was wundering what that was. I always thought that building was abandened.
    It's open to the public?
  6. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    I'm gonna have to go see what he has left. I've bought almost all my gear from him.
  7. I stopped by last Saturday and he was closed, assuming he is closed on Sunday too. I didnt see any clearance stuff, there was some Yard Sale looking items laying out by the road. I think he's still "business as usual" there.
  8. Erik can tell more details what they have but there were many boxes with jackets, pants, gloves etc.
    And their prices are low.
  9. Kirk was talking about a place out D. Lake Blvd. that is having a helmet sale. BRP, old tractor dealership somethin' or other. Anybody want to go find it tomorrow?
  10. We were going helmet/visor shopping tomorrow. I broke my helmet visor's clip.
  11. I heard you saying something about that just as that car pulled up behind us. We'll get together after you get off work. If we cant find anything, i might have some bits and pieces laying around.
  12. I'm actually in the market for a yellow jacket and gloves, let me know if you find anything like that 8)
  13. Its Roseburg cycle he does most of his buisness on E-BAY. He has lots of gear dont know about yellow. Does'nt show on E-BAY but he has lots of stuff not pictured on E-BAY in store. It is all in side not out front. Store is open M-F till 4pm is what they said. i forgot when they open. hope that helps Varment. That red jacket i had on was 49 dollars. They have prices the same as
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  14. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Don't forget about Absolute MotoSport on Stephens down by the GreyHound station (actually on the corner of Cass and Stephens) they have lots of helmets and stuff.
  15. I'm getting a new Shark Vision R hi vis, the trick is to order one while they are in the country, went to find another S900 like I have and not very many places carry Shark anymore seems like.
  16. There was some yellow gear in Sutherlin but Paul bought it all up.
  17. If they carry Shark, then it's only the Evoline in one or two color choices. Black or matte black. I would love the sort of Tron-like neon blue and black one, but can't find it. By the time I can afford the sucker, it won't be available. The story of my life. Heck, by the time I can afford it, either motorcycles will be outlawed along with all ground traveling, petroleum burning vehicles. They may have forcefields for your head too.
  18. Try



    I'm getting this one... They should be getting a batch of mediums in around July 13th... I can get any other size though...:roll:
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