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Looking for place to change tires - wheels off the bike

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Nicro, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. I am looking for a shop or someone who has a tire machine near Lynnwood, WA to change out some tires. Anyone know which shops charge a reasonable rate for off the bike tire changes if you bring your own tires? How about if I buy the tires at the shop? (tire prices also need to be reasonable in this case)

    If there is someone close by with a tire machine, that would be even better - I can bring your favorite beer or just pay you for the trouble. :spoton:

  2. shiny side up in everett is where i go.
  3. What about wheels on prices? I'm also looking for a cheap place but would like to know wheels on and wheels off prices of some place that are fairly cheap. I've read that some guys around the country have small businesses that'll change tires wheels on for ~$30 tire.

    Any secret spots around here?
  4. Bent bike has stuff, give em a shot.
  5. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    My guy does them for $10 off bike and $20 on bike. He's up north by the casino.

    PM me for his info.
  6. If u need tires go to they will ship to a installer by you, they also list the install prices online. I just did this and ending up saving $150 over the dealer cost
  7. +1 This.

    I ordered a new tire there yesterday, in fact. He offers reasonable prices if you walk in with the wheels + cash.
  8. Called him up over the phone (before I saw the 'cash' post) and he quoted me $25/wheel, which seems to be the most reasonable shop price I have been quoted so far. How much of a discount does he usually give for a cash transaction?

    I like the place, but I have to say that it's a crap shoot on who you talk to over the phone - I was just told that they will not mount tires that I didn't buy from them and then 2 minutes later was quoted $40/tire by the same guy. Not sure what their tire prices are, but mount and balance (I assume off the bike) is free if you buy the tires from them.

    Yep, that's what I did. Tires are sitting in the garage and just need to be mounted up. :mrgreen:
  9. Oh yeah, and thank you to all the people that sent me PMs with contacts that have tire machines/balancers - I am currently trying to get in contact with one.
  10. I wish I had done this earlier. I was quoted shop rate at an hour which came to around $85 at AoC, figuring I got a deal I went with them, ended up getting charged for 2 hours :(
  11. Bellevue Ducati will do them for $30.00 per tire, on or off bike if you buy from them.
  12. Fuild Suspension science in renton front and rear for $50.00, tires off the bike
  13. Let me know if you still need them mounted, I'll do it for $10 each & I'm free later today. I'm assuming this is for your GSXR?
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  14. why rely on shops?

  15. i used budget dan in kenmore for my last tire change. $15 a wheel off the bike.
  16. Quick update - got my tires changed by cobra525. Big shout out to him for going the extra mile and getting the job done 100% right. (the Shinko tires that went on my GS apparently have the heavy spot marked by the dot, not the light spot, which meant that the first tire had to be flipped)

    In the process, I also compiled a small spreadsheet of shops/prices local to me. Maybe someone will find it useful:

    Editing is also allowed if you wish to add to it.
  17. Ouch! That's highway robbery for a tire change!
  18. This is a bit late, but I've had mine done at Seattle Cycle Service off of 220th. I believe it was $20 a piece off the bike, but that was a couple years ago. Nice guy. I do my own now.
  19. You think thats bad. I got cornholed by MaxRPM in Kitsap today $115 & change. I brought the wheels and tires to them from port angeles.... whats worse is that "Road Rider" in poulsbo said he would do it for $30 off i drive 60 miles just to have him say "I wont mount used tires"..... FML
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