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looking to borrow or rent chain riveter tool

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by TSXTC, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Looking to rent or borrow tool to rivet my masterlink for my 520 chain conversion on my 07 cbr 600rr. I can buy you a six pack or whatever if you would like that type of payment lol. Will just need to borrow for a couple hours in the next few days. Thank you in advance

  2. It appears that the Harbor Freight tool is only a chain-breaking tool, (rather than a master-link swaging tool).

    You don't really need a chain-breaking tool. You can grind the swaged head of the master link posts flush with the master link, and then pry the master link apart with a screw driver. The outside plate of the master link will just pop off.
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  3. Thanks guys shelbyguy and I will be setting things up I greatly appreciate it. Wish I could be more apart of the community but I work Thursday through Sunday so its hard to find the time to come out to bike night thursdays
  4. I used the harbor freight chain brake tool, reversed it to rivot my chain.Works well.Just need a set of calipers to measue the pin to make sure you didnt go too far and split the end.Look on youtube, shows you how and its like $20.
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