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lost title

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by midge, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am looking for advice from some experienced moto buyers. I purchased a 1973 Honda CB 175 on ebay 4 years ago. The gentleman who sold it to me jumped the gun a bit and posted it on ebay shortly after buying it at an estate auction BUT before processing the paperwork to get the bike in his name. Long story short... he flaked, i didn't follow up, and I now own a bike with no title. This rad little bike now seems impossible to sell, of course no one is as dumb as i am to buy a bike w no title. Am I screwed?
  2. shelbyguy

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    go file for a lost title and hope that the last registered owner contacts you and treats it fairly, or hope that he doesn't demand it back (screwed)

  3. Lucky for me the last registered owner is deceased. The bike hasn't been registered since 1975.
  4. shelbyguy

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    i think you will have to hold the lost title for 2-3 years, if nobody claims it then your good to go
  5. i believe you can get a "temporary title"... my dad got an old 1974 or so suzuki that was in his dads garage that belong to one of there neighbors along time ago so it was never titled in my dads family... he got it inspected got a "temporary title" for i believe 3 years and if nobody has shown interest after that he will get a actual title for it
  6. Thanks for all of the info. Do you know if I can sell it with a temporary title?
  7. i asked my dad the same question he said yes.. it's acts just like a title
  8. Thanks again..So who wants to buy a cute 1973 Honda CB 175 with 2200 original miles on it?!? :)
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  10. The DMV is relatively helpful. I had to get my title on my last bike squared away and it took a bit of haggling but they did answer my questions with a call.
  11. Did you see him in a casket or did the flake seller tell you that? Hopefully you aren't holding a stolen bike.
  12. It's a simple process.
    Take you bill of sale to the licencing office.. Skip the contract offices and go to a real county office.
    They try to look it up.. If they find it you have to send a registered signature required letter to the PO asking for a release.. If it comes back don't open it.
    Get your inspection appt with the state patrol. bring the letter.. (this has to happen within 2 weeks of the post mark)
    They inspect it.. give you a slip that you take back to the licensing office..
    They will issue a registration in leu of title.. Ride it like that for 3 years and then apply for title.. DONE!

    More than 7 year out of the system and it won't be in the state computers..
    This lets you skip the whole registered letter to the PO and go straight to state patrol inspection and registration.

    FYI expect to get hit with about $160 in fees and taxes to get your plates.. The WSP inspection is $60 (you pay at the Licensing office when you get the plates)

    The official state process

    Here it is in writing from the state..
    Print and take with you if the folks at the licensing agency give you any flack.

    There is a Bonded title option.. you get the title now but you have $$ tied up in the bond for 3 years.

    WAC 308-56A-210
    Agency filings affecting this section
    Ownership in doubt — Bonded title or three-year registration without title.
    (1) What is ownership in doubt? Ownership in doubt is when a vehicle owner(s) is unable to obtain satisfactory evidence of ownership or releases of interest as described in WAC 308-56A-265.

    (2) What options are available in an ownership in doubt situation? When in an ownership in doubt situation, the owner may:

    (a) Apply for three-year registration without title; or

    (b) Apply for a bonded title described in RCW 46.12.151; or

    (c) Petition any district or superior court of any county of this state to receive a judgment awarding ownership of the vehicle. This is required if ownership of the vehicle is contested after the applicant makes application for ownership in doubt and before the three-year ownership in doubt period has lapsed.

    (3) What documents are required when applying for a bonded title or three-year registration without title? Required documents when applying for a bonded title or three-year registration include:

    (a) The originals or copies of letters sent by registered or certified mail to the registered and legal owners of record, including the return receipt. The letters must include information regarding the applicant's claim to ownership and a request for the released certificate of ownership (title) or a notarized or certified release of interest.

    (i) Registered and legal owner information will be released under WAC 308-56A-090 for applications needing that information.

    (ii) If there is no Washington record, (a) of this subsection does not apply.

    (iii) If the owners of record do not respond before submitting their application, the applicant must wait fifteen days from acknowledged receipt of the letter.

    (iv) If the letter is returned unclaimed, the applicant must submit the letter, unopened, with the application.

    (b) A bonded title or a three-year registration without title affidavit completed by the applicant and signed by all persons to be shown as a registered owner.

    (c) Washington state patrol inspection, unless the vehicle is specifically exempt under subsection (4) of this section. For vehicles exempt from the Washington state patrol inspection under subsection (4) of this section, the following documents are also required:

    (i) A bonded title or three-year registration without title affidavit for vehicles exempt from the Washington state patrol inspection completed and signed by a person to be shown as a registered owner; and

    (ii) A legible etching or photograph of the VIN as proof of the VIN.

    (d) Application for certificate of ownership (title).

    (e) A bond as described in RCW 46.12.151, if the applicant is applying for a bonded title.

    (f) Other documents that may be required by law or rule.

    (4) Are there exemptions from the Washington state patrol inspection? Yes.

    (a) Certain vehicles are exempt from the Washington state patrol inspection if:

    (i) There is a Washington record; or

    (ii) There is no Washington record, but the vehicle owner has a title or registration certificate issued by Washington or another jurisdiction.

    (b) Vehicles exempt from the Washington state patrol inspection include:

    (i) Mopeds;

    (ii) Trailers with a scale weight less than two thousand pounds;

    (iii) Not eligible for road use (NEFRU) vehicles as defined in WAC 308-56A-500 when the model year is ten years old or older;

    (iv) Travel trailers and park model trailers when the model year is ten years old and older;

    (v) Campers when the model year is ten years old and older;

    (vi) Manufactured and mobile homes are exempt at all times.

    (5) When is a bond required? A bond is required in ownership in doubt situations when:

    (a) The applicant is a Washington state licensed vehicle dealer; or

    (b) The Washington record shows there is an existing lien.

    (6) How is a vehicle value determined for filing a bond? Vehicle value may be determined from one of the following sources:

    (a) The department's automated valuing system; or

    (b) A published appraisal guide; or

    (c) Appraisal from a licensed vehicle dealer or appraisal company. The appraisal must be on company letterhead and have the business card attached; or

    (d) Insured amount; or

    (e) Consideration or payment plus estimated repairs by a bona fide mechanic; or

    (f) Other valuing sources approved by the department.

    (7) May I transfer ownership on a vehicle with a bonded title or three-year registration without title? Yes.

    (a) Owners releasing interest in a vehicle with a bonded title or three-year registration without title must provide a release of interest described in WAC 308-56A-265;

    (b) The new owners must submit an application for title as described in this chapter and complete the time remaining on the current ownership in doubt period.

    Bond options would be 1.5 times the value of the vehicle
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