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lowering a '07 ninja 250 help me

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Kikigirl, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. I just got a 2007 ninja 250 and need to get it lowered. Does anyone have any good recommendations or know of any good places of where I could go to get it lowered? i live in the eugene area
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  2. GP Supsension

    or, do it yourself :

  3. Do it yourself, very easy, I did my Wifes '09.

    You doing the front and rear, or just rear?
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  4. Check out the ninja 250 forums. or .com or .org. I can't remember. Anything ninja 250 can be found there. Their also very pic friendly with their mod pages
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    DO Not Lower the bike. Lowering the bike is EXPENSIVE.
    It also can ruin the ground clearance. Not good if your leaned over and hit a bump.
    You can, very inexpensivly add an inch or more to your riding boots.
    You can also have the seat foam shaved, (removed).
    You Keep the bikes ride and handling. Your safer and not out alot of money.
    Its a Win-Win deal for you.
  6. wtf????
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    What don't you understand? Suspension dynamics?
  8. Can you show me where to find some riding boots that have a 1" heel? I mean real riding boots...
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  9. I understand fine. is not expensive.

    Two...if she doesn't know how the 250 handles now, she won't know the diference once it is lowered.

    Three.... That is why I asked about lowering the front and rear, I would recommend doing both, as it wont throw out the dynamics as bad.

    Four....If she is more confident flat footing on her bike, then let her. She is bound to ride it more, then as skill level increases, maybe take it back to stock with lifts in her boots.

    Have you ever ridden a lower Ninja 250? I have, so I speak from experience, not from what I have read or heard about.

    But whatever, I am sure I am wrong, and you are right, so be it.

    BTW....To the OP, good luck, and I hope you figure something out so you can enjoy riding you bike.
  10. +1
  11. i did mine waz not to hard olny about 50 bones
  12. ^ Was not intended to be used as/in an argument. I was actually wondering, because I couldn't find any for my wife when I was shopping for them. Since I still ride her bike fairly often I told her I wouldn't be lowering it though. :ninja:
  13. No one cares about you always bitching about your suspension dynamics. People raise and lower bikes all the time and never have problems. Stop being a broken record and help people out for a change.

    Check out the ninja250 website. I have also heard putting in the ex500 shocks help alot in those bikes. I did alittle bit of research when I was looking into a 250. Since they were around for 20 years there are tons of parts out for them
  14. I've made lowering links for a lot of different bikes. It's not expensive.
  15. Soupy's lowering link, its the best, just do the basic math and lower the front and rear the same as the stock set up,, but lower
  16. I think this is really the only potentially difficult part. Lowering the front is easy, just unbolt the lower clamp bolts on both sides of the fork, then unbolt one of the upper clamp bolts, compress the fork a little and that leg will pop up about 0.5-1.0" . Keep a little weight on the front end and snug that bolt down. Then unbolt the other side; it will pop right up. Then snug it down. From there you'll want to take careful measurements (carpenter square/ruler works well) so that both fork legs extend an equal amount. VERY IMPORTANT: check for clearance between the fender and fairing cowling (where applicable) and plastic seal protectors with the bottom of the lower clamp. You don't want anything hitting anything else at full compression. On a lot of bikes just knowing the fork travel and taking some measurements around that area is good enough. On my Bandit, however, I had to unbolt the spring caps to let the fork fully compress so I could check for clearance. There isn't much on that bike; lowering it 3/4" was the absolute max before the fender would hit the front cowling. The front fairing on it is a little weird, though, not very typical.

    Make sure all the fork clamp bolts are tightened to the proper torque, this is probably the last place you'd want fasteners to loosen up at high speed. Good idea to just pull them one by one and put some loc-tite on the threads.

  17. As a general rule, 10mm longer link will lower just about 2"
    Now, it's not exactly linear but I make links for a lot of bikes in 2.5mm increments. Longer to lower and shorter to raise.
  18. It kinda sucks alot of bikes are made for people over 5'10. Funny thing is alot of them are Japanese bikes. Japanese people arnt exactly the tallest in the world....
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