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Lumbar Disc Microsurgery ?

Discussion in 'Central' started by Dlittle, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Going in for this procedure tomorrow. L4-L5 herniated. Anyone have this procedure before ? How was your recovery ? How long has it been and how do you feel now ? Took a couple weeks off work to get better.
  2. Get better soon! I probably will be addressing this after my two new hips. Good luck to you!!!

  3. yep done this before about 8 years ago. week off work but still couldnt push bikes around for about 2-3 weeks, felt weird and strange to not have any more pain and was actually up and walking in 6 hours after surgery, doing laps around the nurse's station with my IV stand... they kicked me out of there 12 hours later...everyone is different though good luck!
  4. I had a lamenectomy done 10yrs ago for a buldging disc and stenosis on my
    L4-L5. The operation worked well for 4yrs and then the pain gradually came back. I have been putting off a spinal fusion for the last 3yrs and my riding has suffered. You should do well, just remember to do your core excercises.
    Oh yeah, you may not want to cough or sneez for the next week or two.
  5. Surgery went well. Home now backs a little stiff and sore but not to bad. Pain meds take care of pain pretty well.
  6. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hope the recovery goes well!
  7. Extruded serveral pieces of L5/S1 disc. Micro surgery walking in 2hrs running in 2 wks. since surgery years ago numerous 10ks, 3 half Marathons and one full Marathon. Was I fortunate? Hell Yes! Is this the norm? No but not uncommon!

    Follow doctors advise and do core excercises.
  8. Donato,
    I know this is off topic a bit but could you give some insight on the core exercises you had to do. Might help old timers like me avoid the surgery and anything to help strengthen our bodies is only going to be good for our motorcycle riding.

    I finished a 6.8 mile leg of a marathon relay on this last Sunday and hope to run a half-marathon early next year, so I am interested in your core exercises.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I had a similar surgery 25 years ago. I have been great ever since and I feel the surgery site is the strongest part of my back. Everyone is different though.
  10. hope you've a swift recovery, and are out and about soon - posting up phototag and all...

  11. Thanks All !!!
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  12. Glad to hear of your successes. Ten years ago the doc told me I'd be fusing my neck by now (because of the pain), but my only problems so far are controlling arm numbness while I sleep, although I did have a weekend recently where I basically could only look straight ahead (because of the pain). As many of you say, the key is keeping up the strength, and since I've been very, very lazy this summer it seems to be paying me back. I'd rather not have my neck fused, as I expect it would impact my riding a bit. Time to get back to the gym, dammit.
  13. Ray Cage fusion, L4-L5, about 12 yrs ago. Working great. still working. (Dammit)

    Hips are next, gonna research the Fixin You book. But still think hips are next. Replacement, that is.
  14. NoQuarter#121

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    Had a discectomy same, same.

    Feel great!

    I raced 1 month after the surgery, which was too soon....
    But didn't crash, no drama.

    Within 3 months I felt like a million $$$

    Still rockin 2 years later.

    I would just suggest follow the doctors recovery program, why risk it?
    I wouldn't again...