Mac Track Is open, new and improved!

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by jlburgess, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. The asphalt is cured and open for 2 wheel action this weekend. Best deal in town. $40 sat practice, $90 sunday racing. Come join the friendly crowd!
    Check for the Oregon forum...
  2. Got someone looking at my bike tomorrow (i want something streetable), he lives a lot closer to MAC, il tell him to go if he buys it, if not il be there myself on saturday!

    Forgot: "braAAAAAAAAAP!"
  3. Well sell it to him. Heard you are only asking $3500?
  4. I felt like that was a fair price seeing how i had DJH do his magic on the head and i have a ton of extras for it and detailed service history.
    I chickened out and called the guy this morning, I was fretting about it all night. im not ready to sell it yet. See you guys tomorrow!
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