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Maintenance Meet-Up...May Edition

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Real Fast Travis, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey,'s that time !:mrgreen:

    Due to popular request, I will be have another suspension rebound and sag set.

    Like the last one, this will be a great opportuntity for anyone to either learn about/how to maintian their rides, or give those who do not have it, a place with the tools to do it.

    This meet-up will be geared around suspension set-up. Basic stuff like sag, rebound, compression and ride height adjustments. These will be performed by a professional mechanic at a shop.
    He has agreed to offer this service to us for the LOW price of $20.00. This is a great deal!

    Also, this is a shop, so if any last minute supplies are needed, they should be available to purchase.

    Please make sure your forks and rear shock are free of any caked on dirt so it is easier to adjust.

    Just like before, even if you aren't doing any work, still come out to swap war stories! Good times!

    So let me know if you want to get in on the $20.00 set-up, so I can keep a list, just to make sure we don't get too many bikes.

    Anyhow, this is set for May 30th, and will be in Puyallup.

    Location is 11203 Benston Dr. E. STE # 180

    Time: 09:00 A.M.

    First come, first served. Get there early to get a spot, last time we had 60+ bikes! But everyone got their work done.

    By the way, suspension set-up isn't just for track riders, everyone can benifit from a well set-up bike!

    Everyone that got in on this last time, had nothing but great things to say, like their bike felt like a new bike! So, don't miss out this time!

    Can't wait to see you there!

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  2. IN, for a suspension tune. Sunday FTW.:mfclap:

  3. can I sign up for around noon session? So the shop will help me set up the suspension that fit for my riding style and size? i'm in. thanks

    what's the name of the shop?
  4. You don't sign up for a time, it is first come, first served. Get there early, last one had about 60 bikes!

    And yes, they set your bike for you.
  5. last one was sweet

    received some good info
  6. I'm in since I had to bail from the last one
  7. Solid maybe isn't that Memorial day weekend?
  8. ^^^^

    I think it is, but that's the best date for those of us setting this up.
  9. ahhh i will be in vegas.....darn
  10. My suspension is good, but I may ride in to say hello.
  11. Best "mod" I've had done so far. Wish I would have had it done a long time ago.
  12. in if i'm in town that weekend.
  13. forgot, i'm out of town that weekend. Can we set up another weekend? like one week earlier or one week later so people can make it? Like have 2 weeks in a row.
  14. Reading comprehension is your friend!:nana
  15. I'm gonna try to make it. Travis I think it is awesome you set this up for everyone. It's really generous of you. I realize you don't have to do these so I will try to show up and help out to make sure they continue. I'm not a bike mechanic so it's nice to have someone help me out.
  16. That's why I do it!:mrgreen:
  17. im going to try and be there, even if i have to rent a truck and trailer.
    and if for some reason i cant get the bike down ill be down in the car to hang out.
  18. i should be able to make it, i know im new, but sounds like a good time and a great deal