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Marco rip

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Ordrock, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. What a sad thing to happen. I really liked that young man. I believed that he was going to be a champion soon.

    There will be all these stories about how dangerous motorsports are and all that crap. This warrior loved what he was doing. I believe he did not want to go this soon, but I feel he died doing what he loved.

    I will miss not seeing him and his best friend yucking it up, Rossi's heart is broken for two reasons. Mine too; I cannot imagine the guilt that he must be feeling right now.

    Rest In Peace little brother. God loves you too.
  2. It is a sad day. His riding style would of made him a champion. His hair was nothing short of unbelievable. :rr: He will be missed . RIP Marco. :salute:

  3. Rip. I'm going for a ride.
  4. #58 RIP, you will be missed. Guilt should never be mentioned in this scenario.Guilt has a inertia of it's own.Nothing anyone could do . I beleive the racers are much more aware of this than we are. No Guilt , no fault.
  5. Very sad, RIP

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  6. Just seen him at laguna, hella of a rider!!!!!!!!! Will be missed.
  7. Why would you assign guilt to this?
    No one could have avoided him riding underneath them. Also doesn't look from the footage I saw that it was Rossi that contacted him either.
    Why did you start two identical threads about this one minute apart?
    Very sad occurrence indeed, but no one is to blame.
  8. You know guilt is probably the wrong word but I feel for Rossi too. I saw pics today (hunt for them if you want I'm not posting them) reading the dailymail online and it shows quite a different view than seen in the race footage. The impact from Edwards seems to separate Simoncelli from the bike but it's Rossi that runs right over him. No blame it is racing. These guys are pros but I can't even imagine what he is feeling right now.

    My thoughts go out to the friends, family and loved ones of Marco. Its very sad.
  9. Guilt, I only mentioned that because when you survive a fire fight and your buddies are all dead or bleeding and you ain't you kind of think about why not me, what did I do differently to come out of this and my friend didn't. That kind of guilt, could I have done more, what If I did something different.

    Not guilt for being part of the death of his buddy, but I guess you have to have been in a situation like that where you lived and your friends didn't I guess to understand the guilt.

    I know Rossi and Edwards are both feeling like shit. It's just racing, but racing killed thier friend. "What If", they both are asking them selves.

    I felt very bad and this guy was only in my house every weekend through my television set. I've never spoken to Marco, never even touched the same ground as him, but I was connected to him because he was in my house and I paid attention to him through his riding a motorcycle which I love to do and and I believe he did too.

    So I'm just saying his friend Rossi is probably felling some guilt because his motorcycle was involved in the crash that killed his friend.

    If you don't understand that then I'm just wasting electricity writing this.
  10. Which is why the word should never have been said.People like you and i who have experianced this and had to work through this understand this. Semper Fi brother.
  11. This one hits very hard. Marco was such a promising rider and such a fantastic character. I couldn’t help but cheer for him and I enjoyed watching he and Rossi yucking it up together. I feel horrible for him, his family, and his friends. Rossi’s now lost two close friends who died racing. I suspect that both he and Edwards are going through hell wondering if there was anything they could have done to avoid Marco. There’s no way they could have avoided him, but they’ll be second guessing themselves for a long time if not forever. It is a tragedy on so many levels. I still can't believe he's gone.
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