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Mary Hill Loops Day rental!? (Grass roots race)

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Murdercycle, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. This started from the Gorge Ralley thread, but i saw this road on there:


    well My bike is stored about 30 mins from there so one weekend i drove out to find that it is not a public road, it is a closed private road that is rentable!

    It got me wondering: maybe we could make our own "race" out of it. Rent it some time during the summer and anyone from PNWRiders can have a go at it (as long as they contribute towards whatever the fee is to rent it).

    Like have some basic rules and gear requirements but it be relaxed and not competitive for those who don't want it to be. IDK, could be a fun grass roots style non-competitive race. With gag prizes and if it goes through we could maybe make a tradition out of it. Everyone rides their bike out there and goes at it. (all bikes should probably be road legal)
    I hope it can be something like the town-wide dirt bike race in "On any Sunday"
    something for everyone: not an expensive, super competitive, high liability event.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I was there last summer and watched a downhill longboard competition.. the paving is immaculate...

    but it is not a loop. and there would be some horrible injuries if you crashed a bike at that course. poses a small challenge for the race, but I do think the course would be a blast to spin up or down a few times.

  3. Roland

    Roland Moderator Staff Member

    to bad that road didnt loop backaround and meetup again looks to me like it could have some pretty long straight streches as well......
  4. This looks like potential win.
  5. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    I think the way it usually works is one at a time up the hill, then come down together, then repeat? I would love to try it!
  6. Have you looking at pricing? The post I saw last year was going to run around 120+ a person I think that was for around 15 bikes but i'm not sure
  7. Interesting.:popcorn:

    Since its private the bikes dont have to be registered then I take it. Sounds fun.
  8. I just called and sounds like the biggest thing to overcome would be the insurance for the day. The rental is $1000 per day and $500 refundable cleaning deposit. Lady I talked to said there are still alot of weekends available later in the summer.

    Anyone know how to go about the insurance?
  9. This is a really cool road, I have been up it(vintage race car meet) It has some wicked drop offs if you don't make a corner. I would think a medical crew on standby would be a must. It was the first paved road in Washington. It is also right near the 'stone henge' which is pretty fun to visit if you are there.
    As I recall with the cars they started at 30 second intervals with no passing allowed, everyone up, everyone down.
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  10. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    i would be down to participate if im in WA during one of the dates.
  11. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    i rode it with SBNW a couple years ago, and that road is fucking epic! i'm in! if you tell us the info we'll gladley contribute to the cost! :mfclap:
  12. First I think we need to get a quote on insurance. So we know total cost. I have never done this sort of thing before (and im pretty busy with school work). If someone wants to take initiative on the logistical side of things that would be awesome, especially If we can keep the cost to below $100 a person (10+ people) but we need to find out dates, and what date works best for all who are interested as well. (just saying the obvious, but weve got to get the ball rollin')
  13. Looked into this about 3 years ago. Insurance will likely cost you $2500/day for the proper kind of coverage. You would also have to 'qualify' for the insurance coverage. Most people wont espcially if it is a 'race' or timed event whether officially or unofficially. There will likely be a safety worker and communications standard in the policy. The rental of that type of equipment might surprise you.

    Standby ambulance is definitey a must.....probably going to cost $1200+ per day for 2 man ALS bus. Given the remote location, you probably should have two ambulances, so that if one had to transport, the other was there for back up. You could definitely do this with 10 people, but the cost per person will be a bit high.
  14. You might have better luck getting an existing policy holder that runs events at another facility like ORP to have a special trackday there. Does anyone know of such a person? :)
    The other possibility would be to get in with the car guys that do the vintage hill climb races there, but I doubt they will want to share the event with us types.
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  15. Unless it's required from the insurance I wouldn't think an ALS box would be necessary. When I ran it last year w/ SBNW there wasn't a box to be seen. I'd suggest at least a couple of the participants be EMT at a minimum (so if one were to go down there'd be a back up) as well as a solid first aid bag (airway, splint, c-collar, bandages kinda stuff).

    Making it a "race" might not be the best idea considering the drop offs. However, with the right set up, there could be a timer at the top and bottom to time each rider and compare that way.
  16. If its just a "ride" and not a "race" then the participants and promoter could make the decision whether or not an ambulance is required. However, IMO, anyone promoting a closed course event who chooses to NOT have an ALS ambulance on standby is foolish, and so are those who participate.
  17. TwistedTimes

    TwistedTimes HondaKilla

    The road is just closed to the public, biggest danger is cows, cliffs, and the rider that goes over his/her head. i rode it all day (in 115 degree heat) without an Ambulance (or even the rancher who's cows where comin on and off the tarmac). So use the head you should be using when your riding (the one on top of your neck) and it's FAR FAR FAR less dangerous then ANY ride on a public road! :rant

    2500$ a day for insurance! holy shisnit... i'll do some digging...
  18. The title of this thread was "Grass roots race". Big difference from, "hey dude, lets get 4-5 guys and hit this road."

    Riding it yourself or with close buddies is one thing, but promoting the event and opening it to the "public" (meaning, other riders you barely know), my advice would be to get properly insured. If your buddies, buddy dies or gets life altering injured while 'playing' at "your" event, he might not sue you, but his grieving widow, kids, estate, etc. might want to go after you.

    Trackdays and closed course events are fun and seem like there is nothing worry about. Its all fun and games until someone's angry family member comes after you because they "think" you may have been negligent. Without a proper policy, most people could not afford to defend themselves, much less pay out a judgement or settlement. Even if you win or its dropped, you could be out $$$$$$. Is that worth it?

    Take it or leave it, it doesnt affect me either way.
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  19. I wouldn't go so far as to say "foolish". An ALS box in this case doesn't make a whole lot of a difference. According to most protocols (I don't know that specific area) an EMTI can use a combitube which is damn near the same effectiveness as an Endo Trachial tube, just can't push meds through it(which you wouldn't need for a trauma). Otherwise, the only thing the ALS could do which an EMTB couldn't do would be drug therapy for pain management. While important, the pain management isn't necessarilly life threatening.
    The ALS box can push drugs, as well as place an ET tube. Otherwise in trauma, the BLS crew can do everything which is required. ALS intervention is great for a cardiac event, etc... but for a run up a private road, more than likely all you're going to have to deal with is the trauma aspect.
    Get some splints, including a traction for a possible femur fracture, some C-collars, some 4x4 and kerlix and you're good. Can fly in a medivac or call an ALS box from local. Just don't think it's quite worth the money for what could potentially happen.

    In reference to the group of buddies as opposed to some randoms, I totally agree. It's for that same reason when my group and I rent the road, it's just us. Guys who ride together often and we all know each other. (btw 2 EMTs in the group w/ a full trauma kit)