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MC Clubs Question

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Degenerate, Apr 19, 2010.

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  2. well, i have zero experience with any of them. but i think that in general the media gives them all a really bad name. sure, some MC's have been involved in some less then legal shit, but in general, it seems that MCs are in general, workers, businessman, parents, and they just all share a common intrest and have formed their own little community to support that interest.

    would i ever join a MC...probably not ever though.

    this may be a poor analogy, but i feel that MCs get the same bad rep for the same type of reason airplanes do.

    you never hear how safe airplanes are. statisticallly safter to fly across the country then drive. you never hear about every single safe flight. the media doesnt report on the 11 o'clock news that there where 3,700 sucssful flights and 14,000 people flew and survived today, but if one plane goes down, and kills 200 people, its all over the media for days.

    same thing with MCs. you dont hear about all the quite, peaceful MC and when they get together. the media doesnt report that this bar had the (insert name here) MC and they tipped the pretty girl behind the bar $200 when they left, but if one MC gets into something illegal, its all over the news for days and they ALL get stereotyped for it

  3. It depends on the club.

    Good clubs have good community involvement, fundraise, do charity stuff, support all riders and do it for the riding.

    bad clubs...well do I really need to go into this?

    It's not something I'd be involved in personally, just not my thing.

    oh, and I do find it extremely bad for the public view for a motorcycle club to end in "z" or have words purposely misspelled in other ways. Ryderz just looks bad to the public eye, makes the club look like a bunch of hooligans with no education. Just my opinion, nothing against your club. But if you're concerned about the public eye..that's certainly the first thing people see.

    Only club I've really had contact with was full tilt riders. (note it's all spelled correctly). They all seemed like awesome dudes, and they put on great events. If all clubs were like their spokane branch then I'd be all for clubs.
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  4. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    Degenerate............... talk to me in private sometime.
  5. the last time he said that to someone they had a limp when they walked after they talked DON'T DO ITcrackup:
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  7. i was leading a group of 5 KLR's to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie yesterday morning. Just coming into Issaquah on 90 right where the hov lane is about to end. we are in the hov lane and a guy on a cruiser zips in front of us, i thought we were going to slow for him at 70 and he wanted to just go. nope. he stagers him self out to match our formation and then proceeds to slow down. WTF? with no real way to move because of traffic we were stuck behind him. i gave him the raised hand and shook my head. i guess after he felt he had made his point he speed back up. then made two quick lane changes without signaling and took the Front ST exit. i stared him down when we rode past, but he didn't look over.

    what's all this have to do with mc's? his colors proclaimed him to be the President of the Organ Donors M.C. i found his choice of club to be appropriate given his riding style.

    i have never had any real issues, good or bad with any mc's. if folks like and want to join them, more power to 'em.

    that being said, i would not join one, because i hate showing up to events and meetings because it is expected as a club member. i also hate politics, and would not want to subject myself to that in my off time.

  8. see that's interesting...the Banditos have a pretty cruddy wrap around here. There's a video floating around somewhere of a big group of them doing wheelies down I5 in traffic
  9. is there some "hotline" i can call to report d-bags who are "flying colors" ?

    the green river valley is full of dickheads who have something to prove and they're flying lots of colors/patches
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  11. Who cares?

    If you want to join one, go for it. If they aren't doing anything illegal, then I don't give a fuck. Just don't try and act all badass because you have a vest. I'll give you the same respect I give any other human being. That is, until you start acting like a douche.
  12. See, that's how much of an impression clubs can leave on the general public. The I5 corridor is not "around here". The Spokane Banditos chapter president looks and talks as if he belongs more in a boardroom than a bar room and maintains a respectful presence.
    Everytime someone puts on a cut, they are projecting an image, they need to make sure the image is one that they or their club are comfortable having.

    BTW, how well recieved are you guys by having GhostRiderz as a name when there are still some of the original 1% Ghost Riders running around out there?
  13. IMHO vests are funny. They make them look like body armor, gangsters and what not.

  14. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Everybody's got to be someplace and for a lot of folks that is in clubs.
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  16. I suppose if you think of these clubs as being "godfather" types it's necessary, still I'd personaly think that being approved by 1% motorcycle clubs (esp the three named) is kind of a left handed endorsement. Sort of like: My daycare is certified by Joseph Goebbels.
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  17. Degenerate, how would YOU define 1%er?
  18. Why would it matter?
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  20. james1300

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    I'm a member of BMW Free Riders. We are a chartered Chapter of BMWMOA
    Thats about as clubby as I get.
    "Our moto, 'No Rules, Just Ride".
    Buncha 'middle aged propeller heads'.
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