Meadowlake Road

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by eric, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Anyone been on this road? Is it nice?
  2. oh, also Nf 23 down south. Any good?
  3. I think there is a meadowlake road around here, heading out of Carlton? If that's the one, then I have ridden it a few times, fun road, so long as you don't mind a little dirt. There is a small section of unpaved that can be muddy in the rain (about 2 miles maybe?) if you take it all the way. No problem on my KLR :nana Comes down Bible Creek into willamina.
    I don't know about nf23
  4. Out of Carlton is the road I'm looking at.... dirt is no good though!
  5. it's only a few miles, and probably not that bad when not wet, i took this picture there...
    you could always ride to the dirt and back, from either side...still pretty fun
  6. meadowlake road is awesome,go up it about 10 miles then u take a left up bald mountain,and go over the mountain,u end up at y in road,willimina creek or bible creek,bible creek is awesome
  7. Hm... maybe this is the trip I'll try out tomorrow...
  8. very good road,a group made a trip last weekend on it,pretty decent shape,just watch out for dirt bikers up there crossing the road
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