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Discussion in 'Salem' started by Jett, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Jett

    Salem, OR
    So I am going to try to make this sound as little gay as I can but I met this guy who works at starbucks (parkway next to applebees) and rides. We talked alittle bit and he seemed super cool even after I mistakenly called his CBR (all black fairings) an R6/R1. I would like to find a chance to ride with him but I have no idea who he is. Needless to say I am hard pressed for friends and he seemed like the kind of guy I could get along with. Again not gay, he seemedcool. Anybody know who I am talking about???
  3. Lol, don't need to go on bro-dates to make friends man! Or... do you.
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  5. Of course he wouldn't be upset - you mistook his bike for an R6. That's a compliment.
  6. This guy... crackup:
  7. Shouldn't this be in that missed connections thread?
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  8. Hey, it's not my fault Yamaha made the most beautiful thing on the planet... :stir:
  9. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Hand him your 'PNW Riders' buisness card and, invite him to ride!
  10. Just send him the pm and quit the denial :freak:
  11. Gee this thread may get fun, I shall have to subscribe.
  12. Jett

    Salem, OR
    is going on a ride and making a new friend considered a "bro-date"? If so then I plan on going on a lot of "bro-dates" this riding season.
  13. Jett

    Salem, OR
    Anyways... Anybody know this guy?
  14. 1shinysideup

    I Ride:
    a barstool
    Did you find your Mystery Man? :popcorn:
  15. So, Im not a match maker or anything but I believe you said he works at starbucks? So my suggestion to meet your new boyfriend would be to post at said location until he comes into work. Then invite him on a bro-date to watch the vow and tell him you would prefer to go two up on your bike. Make sure if your wearing chaps you have nothing on under them. I dont see how this is an unacceptable request by any means. Be sure to keep us posted!
  16. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    ...update? lolol
  17. so instead of going back there and chatting up with him again. you decide to post on the forum of which you will be made fun of. nothing bad..just you know you will get a storm of sarcastic remarks.

    your right, i can see why you are hard pressed for friends.

    hint: its starbuck. You know the exact location. Go back there, get a drink and talk motorcycle again. Then maybe just maybe make sure to introduce yourself and get a name.
  18. Kelbor

    Mwahahahha....Here are some Ice Breakers

    "Can I order a double orange frap-frap-frap......acino?"

    "Are you gay...cuz Im not...I mean Im happy but I like girls...not that I mind who you like...or care...or whatever cuz Im not gay...."

    "Hey must be tired cuz you been running around my mind all day"

    "Do these leathers make my ass look big?"

    "Hey Bro, im not gay play chase on our motorcycles or whatever?"

    "How you like your eggs - fried or fertilized....Dude"

    "Those CBR's have a trunk big enough you could stuff a Kalabasa in!"

    I could keep going if you need any more :nana
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  19. :stir:So where are we at on this? Did you go back to the said location and stalk a bit?:popcorn:

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