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Mid life crisis question

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by DesertRat, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Well its been 30 + years since I raced motocross. I have been thinking about trying it again, and wondering if anyone can tell me about what class I would get placed in. I know I can't do what I use too, the body won't take it, but I heard there is vintage class and I think elderly class for the rider.
  2. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Not sure, but you may have more luck with this in the Adventure Time forum, as this forum is mostly paved track stuff.

  3. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

  4. Are you open to alternatives?

    I know you asked specifically about motocross, but what about flat tracking, sumo racing, or trial riding? Not quite as spectacularly brutal as motocross.
  5. you are not "placed" in a class. you decide based on what you see and feel where you should fit in. if you choose poorty, you or some official may move you around.

    there are VET (30+ year old) classes beginner, intermediate and expert
    there are 40+ and even some 50+ classes same sub groups.

    i would look at this : WOTMX website, i race 50+ expert class there. but on any given sunday, i can and do race with teens, usually dropping to intermediate or junior classes as they sandbag alot and dont work on mondays either.....

    hope this helps.

  6. Are sand baggers a huge issue? I've been thinking about also having my crisis.
  7. for major events yes, such as area dealer challenges. when beginners are throwing it sideways off the larger jumps, they arent beginners.. the problem is there is not a governing body that enforces classes for mx up here.

    AMA has officials, but they really only enter into any race equation for gaining a pro licence. other wise they dont care.

    just come out and enjoy the ride ricky bobbie! I rode in the oldtimer international mx series and was in expert class, there is a masters class (top level) and i had former national 4stroke racers "sandbagging" in my class in years past instead of racing in the master group. really no issue, they just smoked us, and i dont need trophys anyway. there isnt any $$ in it unless you are racing pro classes, then there are no sandbaggers....

    FFFRED- go check out a race at airway heights, see where you would "fit in" as far as ability and start there....
    the true gage is to ride with guys of your level of ability so you dont get landed on, or t-boned due to speed and ability differences, if you are in peoples way all the time, you are in wrong class or vs versa
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  8. If you haven't raced in 30 years then you better brace yourself for all the supercross obstacles. I did the same thing as you a few years ago. I was a pretty good motocrosser when I was younger but it is hard to learn all the technical jumping skills when you are older. I got better at it but also hurt myself a few times. I guess you could just roll everything but that probably won't happen. Its worth doing it to experience the new 4 stroke bikes which are really fun. Lots of good vet class racing and some good comradery. Good luck to you.
  9. There is a lot of information here, way different from back in the day. My membership reinstated, waivers filed, and a good question I was asked is do I feel like I could ride like I did back in the day. My answer was at heart yes, reality No way in hell. I am suppose to have some guy call me, and he will ask me some questions, and also wants me to come to a track close to me and watch me ride. I would guess to see if I can even get out with the new blood without getting killed, and about what I may want to do instead of motocross. From what some of you are talking about, I really don't know what to do.

    Its been along time, what is sandbagging? ( go ahead and laugh )
  10. I think I will race in an arena cross event in Omak tomorrow. I think I might even win it.
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    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    I tried to make a suggestion, forget the dirt. Buy my R1, between 9500 &13,000 rpm I guarantee you will be over your "Mid-Life" crisis. One hundred and ten percent of your brain and skill will be engaged. Or you will be meeting St Peter, earlier than anticipated. PS either way you will be over your crisis. PS and it's likely changed but when I raced sand-bagging meant one went slower, to dominate a lesser class...AJ
  12. Yup, that's sand bagging. Or when a guy is racing in a lower class, or lowest class, yet sets the fastest time of the night, including the pro class.
  13. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Yes like those "Chicken Shit" wannabe drag racers, who's brake lites could be seen when entering the lights...AJ
  14. Here is a link for you.
    Ther are othe types of dirt bike events that you also may be interested in. The off road racing involves longer races that are less intense and mostly over more cross country type terrain. I did some of these and enjoyed them because you spend more time riding and less sitting around in the pitts. There are also dual sport events which are primarily for fun but I think some guys can even make those feel competitive. Good luck to you.
  15. Well just got in, went to a so called local track about 80 miles of driving, presented my paperwork, paid a small fee and met up with an old friend ( aka sponsor ). Talked about some things and what I should do. Rode around for a while since the track was pretty much empty. It was cold, and I was sore before even starting. After riding around for about an hour, it seemed some things coming back to me, but the body was not. I ran a ten lap run alone, hit it fair I would say and took a break. More Ben Gay and wraps. Spoke with Dale some more on what he thought I should do. All in all, I think another class might be best, maybe no class at all is what I was thinking until this little S*** rode up next to me and called me dude and asking me what I think I was doing with that old battle wagon I was riding. Well to say the least I was out of place and out of shape. I watched this kid fly around the track and decided to run a little more myself. Needless to say this kid was nimble on this 250 and good. I just kept a steady pace trying to negotiate some curves and small jumps I was having trouble with and every time he passed me, he just had to roost it. Well the third time he did it I was a little upset and went for it. Took me a few laps to catch the little s*** but I caught him in a high bank curve followed by a long straight and when I came out of that curve, I felt like a kid again and gave it hell. Once I passed him I just kept in it and then sliding into the next set of tight s curves and them damn whoopty do things and then just rode off the track to the truck. Dale was laughing and said I think you might do well if I could continue that style of riding. I told him I am going to really have to think about this, I am in pain. After a few slow passes from the little turd, he comes up to me. He asks me what kind of bike is that, he said he new it was a Yamaha but what kind. I said an old battle wagon. All he said was dude, when you passed me, that thing was throwin boulders and whatever else it could find, that thing is nasty. I told him, well son, you had just been passed by a 1982 YZ 490. All he said then was sorry for dusting me a couple of times, and he is no way gonna get stuck behind that thing again, That thing is nasty. Dale and I laughed for a while about it, and then reality set in, and time to go home. All in all and for what its worth, I have some serious soul searching to do. I am no kid anymore, and today only made me believe it.

    And no Jim, I do not need something that will fly on the road, I can crash just fine in the dirt, I don't need to expand crashing into cars
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  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Great story!! :) Way to stick up for us old guys!
  17. Jims08Z06

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    Rep sent, the best read in a long time. I went through about the same thing 13yrs ago. Rotax kart, just for fun till the kids and then a cute girl keep passing me. Pulled out the stops and got a SKM chassis with a warmed CR125 for power. It took about one season, bruised ribs almost too sore to walk. But the next year blew by most except for the big buck dudes in the S1 class. PS I'm officially done, just play occasionally in my secret spots with the two toys. PS What really hurts the kids is when and old dude Tell's their age, lol...AJ
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    Does my soul good reading this article and I take my hat off to you sir for NOT giving up on going after a passion and NOT being intimidated at getting out there. You are doing what a true motorcycle rider does...ride.

    I would buy you a beer any day of the week!
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