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Military roll call on westside

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Mayor R1, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. So i was just wondering how many active and former military we have if we have enough we can get a mil ride going next summer so post up.

    Ill start:
    4 years USMC got out nov 2010
    1 combat deployment, injured and unable to return for a 2nd

    Mods this is for a westside future mil ride so hope we can leave it here if not then let me know where you move it.
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  2. 58

    58 Staff Member

    Uncle Sam's Misguided Child. Airwinger, got out 4th of July '99 after 5 years (Sgt.) honorably.
    No confrontations, just a couple trips to Okinawa.
    Some compensations for the rest of my life but otherwise not sane.
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  3. 4 Years US Navy (ABH 3rd Class)
    Honorable Discharge in 09
    Did both OIF and OEF missions

    Yes, I would love to ride with the vets
  4. USMC Infantry 2000-2004.
    Combat Decorated during OIF March 03-Sept 03.
    Honorable Discharge.
  5. Old-timer here.

    U.S. Army Veteran 1976-'79 GCM, Honorable Discharge. Cold War only, thankfully. Served in Germany.

    Newly retired from Civilian Service 1982-2011.

    Would love to ride with Vets, especially to thank Combat/Combat injured Vets for their service.

    Also, my father is an Army Combat vet of WWII, also served in AF in occupation after the war, he'll be 88 next month.
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  6. Currently active duty Air Force stationed out of Malmstrom in MT but im from SEA. Deployed at this present moment in the sandbox. Ill be back in April
  7. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    USS Alaska SSBN 732
    Bangor , Wa
    Honorable Discharge
  8. USNR '72-77. FN -> BT3.
    USN '77-'94. BT2->O-3E.
    USN (CivPac - Manchester) - '02->present.
    Old Man: USAF '48-'72.
    Middle boy - Army '00-'08.

    It's a family thing, I guess.

    Too many old scoots. Ride on...

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  9. USMC ~ honorable discharge w/ disability :|

  10. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Wish I could join you but I'm not qualified. My family's military history ended with my generation.

    Grandfather was career... Including WWII and Korea.
    Father did 10 years I think... During peace time.
    Couple uncles served in Korea.

    Neither Grandfather nor Father ever encouraged me or discouraged me from serving. I did stupid shit like cleaning highrise windows and working in the oil fields until had enough money to go to college and that's what I did.

    Thank you to all you folks that served or are serving in my place, so I could follow my dreams. Seriously... Thank you.
  11. U.S Army
    - 12 years(SSG)
    - Honorable Discharge w/ disability
    - Served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Macedonia (when those little disputes were still going on)

    Wish I could make a ride next. Wife joined the Air Force so that will be putting us in Missouri in December.
  12. Active duty at JBLM, Army, 2LT and rockin the butter bar. 5 Years enlisted, no deployments :(
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  13. Active Duty Army 92-99...Washington National Guard 99-present
  14. US Navy (IT2)
    Served 03-10
    Honorable Discharged
  15. USAF 04-present
    currently on my 4th deployment
  16. USMC 1983-2006 O-4 Force Re-Con 1st Marines
    7 Combat deployments
    Honorable Discharge (with some bumps and bruses)
    Currently attached to 3 Command Force Re-Con Okinawa Japan, but will be home in Decemeber.
    Yes Whitefire I am back over here again with the children lol.
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  17. Semper Fi! And thank you to everyone else who has served. I myself am USMC, 1998-2003, Honorable Discharge. I did Electronic Intelligence with 1st RadBn stationed in Hawaii (the unit has since been moved to Camp Pendleton). :thefinge:
  18. USMC, Air Winger working with the Ground Pounders (yeah, talk about being confused). Honorably discharged after 5.5 year..a way long time ago.
  19. 09-present. USAF AD. C-17 crew chief. JBLM. Brotha is a marine. Thanks for serving.
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