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Modern Cafe Racer!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Thaloc, Sep 30, 2009.

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    And this is last years concept of the bike. Im not too fond of the front cowl, but WAAAAAAANNNNNT!

  2. another bike for the euro crowd!

    good luck getting it here.

    it's pretty cool, but why an air cooled 1100?

  3. Not really a Cafe Racer as is, BUT might make a good base for one. Needs clip-ons, the tank is kinda meh and the the mirrors need to go. I'm sure it'll go like stink though.

    It's nice but I think I'd just look for a GB500 TT:

  4. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    This type of a bike would do really well, since it would attract everyone from the sport bike crowd, cruiser, touring, etc. It really is a great all around bike. Only other thing that I think is in the same segment would be the Triumph Bonneville and that bike has done great in sales. Let's hope it gets here and is priced right.
  5. don't forget the ducati modern classics.
  6. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    True that. A bit on the pricey side though.
  7. They don't even have to re-tool. Just build it out of old stock.
    Wheels, complete front end and controls, frame and gas cap are identical to my old '83 CB.
  8. Saw that this morning, pretty nice looking machine.
  9. I would rather buy an older CB any day than this thing. I just love these people who go buy the Ducati Sport classics and consider themselves retro and cafe. Sorry.... it's not.
  10. how is a sport classic not a retro bike? theyre not really any less "cafe" then a honda with some clubmans and a solo seat.
  11. this discussion is about new bikes.

    this new bike has certain styling that puts it in the "retro/cafe" class.

    so does the ducati modern classics...

    you been spending too much time with gixxerpete and drs learning about what "real" means? no, it's not "real" to the purists, but the purists can fuck off. it's fun, and that's what people need to realize.


  12. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    A little neutered looking compared to the concept bike, IMO, but could be cool with some aftermarket bits.
  13. [​IMG]

    Love this one. Believe it's a CB1100R.
  14. Sweeeeeet! I've been drooling over cafe bikes for a good year. This is dangerous knowledge for my bank account.

    That clubman is my perfect cafe though. I love the twins.

    Thanks for sharing!
  15. Well...hrmmm...I own both a '72 CB500F and a Ducati Sport Classic.

    I don't really consider myself "retro" or "cafe". Nor did I buy it because I wanted to pretend to be some Rocker and do "The Ton". Bought it because it's a beautiful bike, modern, performs well and as an Italian I should be riding an Italian bike. Seems to be the assumption that all folks who buy Ducatis are elitist rich douchenozzles who would rather pose in their track suits than ride. Some are. Some are not. All I know is that I worked hard to buy my bike, I ride it rain or shine everyday and have been enjoying the crap out of it. Bikes are meant for riding and that's what I'm gonna do. Ride it.

    Technically any production bike shouldn't be called a "cafe" out of the box (just like a Street Fighter). The whole point was to take a production bike and modify it w/ go fast parts then it was a "cafe" or "street fighter". But whatever, splitting hairs.

    That Honda concept looks rad in anycase.
  16. Me wantz that one!

    The OP one is cool, def classic Honda, but lame. (and not "cafe") It's a classic standard.

    I'm a Honda fan... but if they are gonna do a throw back do something like this:
    Better stance, better style, better pipes... better everything. but then again maybe it's the same thing only with factory options or something.
  17. Love the classic standard look. In this dismal market I'm wondering if it will be too expensive and that they should bring out a CB750 first. I'm also concerned that Honda might screw it up and put too much plastic on it. Don't know how -- just my gut feeling about Honda.
  18. Could this be the return of the UJM?

    Not necessarly a bad thing in my opinion.
  19. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Everything on the bike, probably including the tires as well, is old tech. I don't see why this bike would cost much to produce
  20. Honda sometimes leaves me scratching my head. They just introduced the NT700V to the States. I didn't think it should cost that much to produce either since it has been around for years in other countries but they managed to price it within a $1000 of a BMW F800ST and well above a 650 V-Strom.
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