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Moment of impact: Ian Hutchinson vs Seagull!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Dr. E, May 29, 2012.

  1. Dr. E

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    Image Credit: Pacemaker Belfast
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  2. When the bird feels that guano just doesn't make the right statement :rant

  3. Having hit a bird at 120mph, I can say, it happens really fucking fast! Granted it didn't hit my helmet though. Looks like he took it well?
  4. I've hit 2 birds at speed, thank goodness neither looked as heavy as that sea gull! I imagine it would be difficult to not have that affect a lap time, looks like he's completely off the throttle and the windscreen maybe shattered. I assume that is IOM?

    I took one off the shoulder, I pulled over just to make sure my arm still worked. Took the other off the inner thigh in a corner, bird ricocheted and wedged under the seat, what a bloody mess.
  5. I'd imagine that if you can handle doing the IOM repeatedly, you can handle a bird strike. lol.. I wonder if they have special carriers on their bikes for those giant swinging balls..
  6. Uhhh OUCH! Broken windscreen too. Bet that was fun.
  7. Somehow, I'm just imagining the voice of the announcers from last year's video saying "Oh, it looks like we've got a wee bit of debris on the road."
  8. It was during a practice yesterday. Saw nothing about any injuries, so I'm sure he's fine. Probably a bit shook up though. Seagulls are what, 2.5lbs? Fuck that.
  9. Fuck that! I took a Sparrow to the chest doing about 70, couldn't imagine hitting a Seagull!
  10. Good thing that wasn't here. I believe Segulls are a protected animal. Big fine.
  11. Thats what happens when you ride too close to the nest....

    Looks like the windscreen took most of the impact and might have deflected it up and over him...
  12. Hell, I hit a small duck at PIR this last race weekend.... I couldn't imagine hitting a giant bird like that.
  13. I hit a bumble bee at 25 and that sucked......of course it went down my neck and had its way with me.
  14. Try hittin a turkey at 70, No fun at all.
  15. Did that with a wasp on Ben Howard last summer. Stung me about 3 times before I was able to stop and kill the damn thing. My buddies thought I was having an epileptic seizure. lol..
  16. Same here on East Lake Sammamish last summer. I'm sure the folks driving by found it a bit odd when I pulled off and started jumping up and down and stripped off gear. Little bastard got me good.
  17. One of my employers managed to catch a jackrabbit in the chest at highway speed. Sort of brings to mind Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail and the attack rabbit. Watch out for the wildlife folks, they are also out to get us.
  18. No animals were harmed in the making of....... well I guess that's not necessarily true.
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