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Monday Bike Night

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by Black Beemer, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. With Monday being a holiday, will bike night be the same as usual, or ???????
    No sense driving all the way into town if no one is planning to be there... :)
  2. I'll be around. We can meet as usual or we can do a BBQ or something at someone's house.


  3. We should plan a ride on Monday.
  4. Followed by a BBQ!

  5. That sounds good to me. I will happily offer to have a BBQ at my place after the ride. Nothing fancy, just burgers and chips, something like that. Just a heads up - I live in Keno, and the last mile to my house is on a washboard dirt road. My Beemer can handle it fine......If this sounds like a plan, let me know.....
  6. I'm up for a BBQ at your place. There's ride planning going on for Monday for anyone that's interested.

  7. The ride on 66 & BBQ later at the house is fine with me. If anyone can't go on the ride, but would like to come out to the house later Monday afternoon for the BBQ, send me a PM and I'll get the address to you.....
    Instead of me coming into town to meet at the Chevron station, then just coming right back out this way - maybe I can meet you guys at the Keno Store at around 10:30 or so?
  8. If you post up in the ride thread I'm sure they'd be willing to meet up with you. I have other plans Monday morning so I probably won't be able to make the ride.


    I missed the ride but will try to make the bbq.