Monday the 20th evening ride

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by ZaethDekar, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I am leaving town after work (around 3) and going to go up through cougar to McClellan viewpoint and down into Carson. At that point I'll be staying in Stevenson for a few hours to visit family.

    If anyone wanted to go with me on the ride I'll be KSU @ 3:15 from the coffee night location.
  2. I might show... depends on how sore I am from windy ridge today.
  3. I'm down if I.don't end up going for an earlier ride.
  4. Jen and I took the boys to a movie when we got back from Walking Man. I love those chairs at Cinetopia, I about fell asleep.
  5. sounds like a perfect time for me. seriously eyeballin' this. No can confirm yet though.

    That's the *bux by the greasy creme, right?

    Man there's one corner past Eagle Cliff that has a big bump in the middle of it 1/2 way between Eagle Cliff & the turn-off to go up to McClellan for that bastard..

    i did that loop (cougar/carson) yesterday and the first bridge past ape caves, a big sport tourer was wedged up against the barrier near the beginning of that sharp-drop right --> in the opposing lane, his buddies gave me the thumbs up. then i saw at least 2 emergency vehicle a couple minutes later buzzing towards that direction. Don't know if they were headed for the Sports Tourer or some other accident...just yesterday...did that loop late evening.
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  6. ahhh yes I believe that ominous decreasing radiusssssssss (insert monster truck voice here). That bastard got me out of sorts many a time.
  7. Yep the SBUX across from the Costco on Andresen.

    That bump was hiding in a shadow yesterday, sneaky bugger.

    I may ride down, get a cup of coffee, and say howdy to ya'll.
  8. Was fun riding up to the turn of to NF90 friday from Carson... although every time I stopped I had this incessant cackling about how slow I was and references to my chicken strips. Whatev!!! :p

    I'd consider going today but I am on the hook until 4:30 so no can do.
  9. Officially in.
  10. good ride today! (although i had to turn around @ Pine Creek) Thanks for leading ZD.

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