Moses lake dunes 9/21-23

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  1. It's going to be the best weather this weekend!

    Going to be heading over to Moses Lake on Friday and spend the whole weekend playing in the sand and swimmin in the lake!!

    Gonna set up at the top of the hill by the power poles overlooking the lake, will have a HUGE U-HAUL.... Come by and say HI!

    If you've never been there, NOW's the time!!! It's a great place to play!
    Bring the family!
  2. I will be there next weekend
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    Dunes Bump!

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  4. i was in moses last weekend great time but most my time was with family that lives there dont for get to hit the mud flats
  5. YEAH! I love going out back in the mud flats and those little islands! Morning rides are the BEST!!

    Hope someone stops by and says HI to me!! The girl on the KTM400!
  6. What bike? stop by!
  7. :ninja::mfclap::hitit:

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