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Moses Lake Riders: Sound off!

Discussion in 'Moses Lake' started by beansbaxter, May 29, 2007.

  1. If your from the Moses Lake area of WA, post up and introduce yourself - tell us something about you and what kind of motorcycle do you ride. And if you got them, let's see a pic of your bike.

    Please pass the word to your fellow friends and riders and help bring together the Moses Lake community of motorcycle riders. Easy to find us here, just tell them
  2. I'm Amanda,

    I've lived in Moses Lake all my life. I'm a newbie ride and totally addicted. I just got my first bike :mfclap: a Hyosung GT250R a couple weeks ago {got my endorsement last summer}

  3. My turn, my turn.

    I joined this forum last summer but just lurked until a few months ago. My name is Mike Harrison and I work in the IT department at Samaritan Healthcare in Moses Lake. I started riding in 1980, took most the 90's off doing the kids thing. Started up again in 2001 when I bought my bosses '81 Yamaha Seca 750 to see if I wanted to get back into riding. I knew instantly that I did and kicked myself for waiting so long. Last year I bought a new Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 and have loved every mile I've put on it. Other than my boss I haven't ridden with too many other people, pretty much a unsociable loner (IT remember). Figured it was time to crawl out of my shell and get to know other riders. It's been fun meeting at Starbucks on Sundays. Looking forward to meeting new friends and riding new roads.
  4. Hey all i'm Mike currently rideing a Hyosung 650GT. Born and rised in Moses. Just joined with the wife (Chic Rider) this computer things new to me but I'm learning. Hope to meet and ride with many. Till then RIDE SAFE..8)
  5. Hello..... My name is Casey lived in M.L for about 4 yrs. Came from the Westside..... I have a 04 R1 with a few mods. I ride with 4 guys most of the time.... Would like to meet some new bikers...... I have a few pic ill post......[​IMG]

  6. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    Hi, I am Ripp'n... If I say much more... it may scare me/you.
    Free and clean, Ripp'n
  7. You don't have to say anything! :nana
  8. So, Casey, where you hanging that license plate?... Oh wait, never mind.....:nana
  9. [​IMG]
    High, my name is Ben and I am a bike-a-holic. My wife and I both ride and have three head of cattle, er I mean Kaws.

    I work with Mapracer-30 as well, and have been in this town for 22 years. (Life sentence with no parole.) I have been riding for 31 years and enjoy track days much more than jail cells anymore, the LEO's have much less of a sense of humor these days.

    Looking forward to meeting more of the local riders.
  10. Thats Funny........... I have one you know...... I just put it in the back seat...
  11. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    Ben, happy shop, buddy!!!!! Big green "k's" rock !!!!!!
    For some undisclosed reason... you like to mod stuff... sign of a busy mind and a overactive enthusiasm !!!!! We have another friend in common...Jade. He speaks highly of you... look forword to meeting you. Free and clean, Ripp'n

  12. Ash Ash is back! Hey guys, Im Ashleigh from Quincy. Beans and the people on the westside used to know me as "HBR" (Honey Bunches roommate) or just as "Ash Ash" as Beans named me. I was on the forums when I lived on the westside and before I rode. Now I am back in eastern wa and FINALLY riding my, lowered a gazillion times over, ninja.

    Anyway, can't wait to meet all of you. I've been riding solo and it gets boring. Also, my longest trips have just been to moses from quincy and back. So lets hit the road together...

  13. Ash Ash!!!! Welcome to the PNW Riders family, at last!

    So you finally got your lil Ninja lowered enough where its comfortable to ride? What all did you do to it?
  14. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    Welcome also, Ash Ash...never, have I seen so many bikes, that start w/ a "K" !!!!!!!! hopefully, E-man (Q), will be show"n up this sunday too!!!!!!! 250 ninja's Rock !!!!!!!!!...
    "let the good times roll !!!!!!!!!!!" I will be the relatively austere one... on the left !!!!!!! Do you like corners...
    and ICE CREAM????!!!!!!!!
    Free and clean, Ripp'n
  15. Welcome Ash Ash. Hope to meet and ride with you soon. I see you know the way to Moses Lake already! Sundays 9:00am, Starbucks by Wal-Mart. Don't listen to Ripp'n. We'll get you hooked on an Italian bike soon enough! crackup:

  16. Thanks for all the welcomes guys! Im most likely going to be there on Sunday, maybe E and I will ride over together, what'd ya say E?

    Beans, we found lowering links for my bike after almost a year or so of having it sit in a garage. That didnt lower it enough though so we shaved the seat down to nothin where I sit...helped.... but I still felt like the bike owned me too much. So then we found a company that condenses the forks. (Since on the ninjas you cant just pull the forks through and crop them. So I sent the forks off and had them condensed. I still am really tip-toed.. but HEY, IM RIDIN! Finally... it took long enough, eh?

    Cant wait to meet you guys! I know E-man and Slygrin I think I figured out someone who knows you.... but I cant wait to meet the rest of you!

    Until then... peace, love, and chicken grease
  17. Uh oh, don't believe anything they said about me.....

  18. Hello all....... E-Man here, I'm from little ol Quincy, been riding solo since my brother in law went down,it sucks riding is so much better with friends.........
    But hell yeah, if I'm not working sunday, I'll be riding over with Ash.......
    Been wanting to meet up with you guys for a long time now, Hope I can make it.........
    Take care all.......

  19. WELCOME E-MAN! Heh :tard:
    You best not be workin on Sunday because I wanna ride to Moses! me tomorrow errrr something.

    Slygrin - a nurse in labor and delivery. She worked on a team with you once. Hint:: She had NOOOO clue anything to do with computers or internet.
    You got it?
  20. LOL, that's 99.9% of the nurses I work with! crackup:
    I think I know who it is though. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday.
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