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Mothers day ride???

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by BLACKOUT, May 13, 2012.

  1. My mamà lives in Hawaii so I'm going to ride to Harrison Idaho again today if anyone wants to join. Not sure what time yet, maybe noonish. Post up or pm me if your interested.
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  2. I'm in just tell me when and where

  3. What's the route . . . ?
  4. I-90 to highway 97 to Harrison and back.
  5. Soooooo, your moms are going to be free this afternoon?
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  6. No, its still gonna cost u.
  7. Ok. Dicks it is. It will be closer to noon, but I'll be there.
  8. harrison dock builders still exist?
  9. Hustle your ass ! Lol should be another decent turn out today .
  10. What time then is everyone meeting?
  11. Check back by your tonsils.

    3rd and Division in Spokane. Or at least near there.
  12. Funny, you must be talking from experience.
  13. 1130-1145....gas up across the street from freds Dick...I mean Dicks
  14. Nope. Never had mine there. Different Dicks.
  15. Here's the asshole that was crossing the double yellow line and running guys off the road. Of course he has no front plate!
  16. Tell us more. The Beemer doesn't look like he's across the double yellow - Did he take a move toward someone or ?

    Where was this and when ?

  17. The guy that was run off the road didn't have a cam. We all saw the jackass in the BMW though.

    Hwy 97 by the s turn and gas station .
  18. One of the coolest LEO's I've run into in a long time! His only concern was for the rider and catching the driver. Without anyone even asking, he made an accident report and said he'd look for the car .
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