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Motocross is back at Pacific Raceway and more

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Debi, May 15, 2012.

  1. Yep..... looks like it is back and Flat track :mfclap:

    News Flash! Motocross is coming back to Pacific Raceways this summer! Scheduled to open this summer will be a fulltime facility featuring motocross, ATV, and flat track racing. "This has been a work in progress that we are very excited about," said Tracie Brandenburg, Pacific Raceways GM. "It's important that we build a strong team and that's why we have brought Lance Smail on board." Lance is a 25-year professional racer and Kent native.
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  2. Ugh?????? it's just another bike to purchase or 2 :mrgreen:
  3. Nice! Looking forward to watching some cool races!
  4. girlfriend already says why do i have 2 i can't ride them at the same time....i dont know what she would say with 3... i think i could get away for about a month not telling her
  5. HAHA....... I agree, MX, ATV, Road racing, WMMRA, SM and Flat track :mfclap:

    I have room in my garage for 1 more bike :mrgreen: Only have 3 in there now :popcorn:
  6. Lance rocks! makes a good track, hope it opens soon!
  7. You beat me to the post, debi. :p
  8. sweet more tracks the better. Any word on a schedule yet?
  9. First time I ever saw a "scrub", it was Smail, Bubba got the fame for it 15yrs later...

    just sayin'
  10. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    That rocks, Lance too!?! :mfclap:
  11. I may be old but I'm not slow hehe:evil4:

    Soooooo true :mfclap:
  12. Nah JoJo Keller in the late 70's was doing it. Paul Buckley photo of it is somewhere out there... live back east then and rode NESC, rode with him, not his pace for sure out of the same shop in Mass..... Dick Bettencourt's shop. google the history of this guy...
  13. So Debi, you gonna get a mx bike now too? would be fun.....
  14. What on earth do you mean?? hehe... :mrgreen:

    Cleaning and fixing this yz250f up now ;)
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