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MotoGP Assen *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Racing' started by pass8enger, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. So I've just finished watching the Assen TT -- it was live on TV here -- and, honestly, I'm kinda disappointed ... it was pretty much a snooze.

    On top of Casey Stoner's pre-race why-are-we-paying-this-guy-to-represent-us-again? interview, except for the 4th-7th place battle there just wasn't a lot of racing going on in a not-so-big field. And even if the different exhaust noises could make it more exciting, the TT has a noise limit and you couldn't hear the bikes over the commentary anyway.

    Is this what MotGP has become? Why would I want to follow it all season?
  2. Bautista taking out Lorenzo will make it a bit more interesting now as there is a tie for the championship with Stoner. Cruthlow is fun to watch, but as he was so far back did not get much exposure.

    The race was pretty bad, the most boring this season.

    Good racing is Moto2, then Wsbk imo.

  3. Can't believe Lorenzo got taken out in the first corner!!!!! It hurts to wait two weeks for a race just to see my guy go down in the first corner.

    Good run by Dovizioso, but it would have nice to see Spies on the podium for once.
  4. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Those are some great tires they are using?!? :scared

  5. :scared HOLY SHIT! I did hear the Ducati team saying that they were having a problem eating their rears, but that is just terrible. Well at least Rossi has a perfectly good excuse for finishing last.
  6. Oh, I don't know. Watching Ian Mackman on the new Norton V-4 race bike was great to see. Norton on the return! No rider deaths either, just five spectator deaths :(

    PS:I don't want to listen to commentary 24/7 turn the bike exhaust up and the men down!
  7. gp race was a bit meh but the moto3 race was pretty awesome with the 4 way battle for first.
  8. Yeah a bit of a snooze after the first few minutes. Really disappointed to see Spies lose out on the podium also.

    And holy shit, what's up with those bridgestones? I know some of the racers have been bitching about them but wow I guess for good reason as it looks.

    On a side note... The moto3 race was awesome!
  9. Spies' tire was also chunking, which is why he dropped back (according to a couple of racing blogs, at least).
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