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Discussion in 'Racing' started by Wyckedan, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Damn, Spies just can't catch a break! He was off to a damn good start, passed Pedrosa like he had a fire under his ass. He posted on Twitter that the bike had lost some power the lap before his engine blew, which makes sense, that was when Pedrosa passed him. He did a damn good job getting off the race line though. The camera view from Lorenzo when the oil and smoke went was insane. Stoner is a machine, yeah he only got third, but his ankle is messed up pretty bad. Good job to Pedrosa, knocked off consistant laps and steadily pulled away from Lorenzo. I hoped it would be an interesting race with Spies in the lead, but it just turned into a lapping race like always.
  2. Where's that fred guy to talk about his "beloved" yamaha.

    Pieces of Shit.

  3. Much Kudos to Steve Rapp... Who obviously appreciates Lorentho as much as I do.

    & "Spies needs to give 100% or stay home" should get a pie delivered to the face of Jarvis!

    Good on Pedrosa & Stoner!!
  4. When the only Yamaha on the grid that has that many catastrophic failures, how much longer before it publicly gets questioned?

    You mean Fast Fap Fred?

    That was BS. While not a JL fan myself, it's even worse when a rolling chicane decides to try and be "racy" and not GTFO the way. Total bush league, but Dorna deserves that crap.

    Can't help but wonder what, or "who" (MS?), would create such a poisonous atmosphere for things to get that bad.

    Yeah, it saved me from a taking a painkiller to get a good nap.
    At least Moto3 was a good race.
  5. Spies didn't need to say anything after the race. The image of him just walking away in disgust from the bike was more than enough.
  6. And Stoner got fourth, not third, not to knock a good ride. What a high siding weekend... The Stoner crash was Brutal. The Hayden crash was scary. Not to forget Crutchlows crash and Barbera cracking three vertebra. Wonder if there will be some complaints about track safety due to the inconsistent surface.
  7. I literally yelled at my TV when Spies' engine blew. w.t.f. There was certainly enough drama.
  8. That track is complete bullshit. Dorna needs to pull the plug on that giant pile of dung.
  9. I agree. I am hoping the new track of the Americas in TX takes over for our second race stateside.
  10. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Indy sucks.
    Yamaha sucks.
    MotoGP sucks.

    While Rapp may or may not have actually received the blue flag, it seemed pretty lame of him to not move over a bit... And I'm a JL-hater too.

    Rossi's just putting himself right back into the #2 spot at Yamaha again... not exactly a good place to be as proven by both he and now Ben (and it's why Rossi left in the first place???).
  11. I don't know if he will be in the #2 spot like Spies. He brings in a lot of money, and out of the 3 yrs he and Lorenzo were together, he was champion twice. Possibly could have beat JL the third time too had it not been for the broken leg.

    Back to Indy...yes, the track is dangerous and its the most boring venue on the calendar.
  12. idk, but I'm kinda thinking that he's gonna be the #2 rider.

    As far as the Bitch role he'll play to Lorenzo...might depend on the support he will bring with him in terms of sponsors/$'s.
  13. Spies' mom had the whole thing apart the night before, checking it over and couldn't find a problem so don't just blame Yamaha.
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