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MOTOGP laguna seca speed channel 3pm

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Ironking, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. hey i was thinking if any of you wanna ride up to the mount vernon area and watch it ..starts at 3.00pm I think on speed channel.
    but ill be at this chinese resturant called the FORTUNE MANDARIN.,0,13898929121798375082&near=Mount+Vernon,+WA&sa=X&ei=U1IUUIDLGsXdqQGg7oCYDA&ved=0CAMQkwMwAQ you cant miss it . get off the freeway at college way. go ( WEST) left or right which ever way your coming, hit the light then turn left again . tada you are there its on the right side of the street.
    show up great chinese food and stiff drinks lol :)
    hope someone or anyone rides up to watch it...would be funny to see some pnw ppl at the track lol .. anyways maybe see some there.. ill try to be there around 2.30
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2012
  2. wow that is amazing to me.....we all try to do i post about someplace to go . to watch LAGUNA SECA MOTOGP...
    and no replys......
    well i figure you a bunch of moped riding terret syndrom looneys..
    ...someone better show up .. or else i shall fart in your general direction you silly kaniggits

  3. I'd go if I lived in that area and wasn't working today. I love Laguna Seca. Well I love it on all the Forza games anyway :)
  4. I'd come up but I'm programming all weekend.
    Fortunately, I'm doing that in front of the TV, programmed to record the Gee Pees at 3:00
    But, hey...thanks for the thought...
  5. omg i wish my computer had a breathlizer on it .. lol.. dont turn on the computer after copious amounts of ice houses lol .. sorry mate:secret:
  6. not one single person showed up . :scratchea
  7. Just because people didnt drive way the hell out of the way, doesnt mean we didnt watch.
    But yes I understand what your saying. They have local motorcycle racing. At 2 different tracks, nobody shows up to watch. I cant believe people arent interested in local racing. It is very tight racing and the guys are awesome, everyone in the pits is approachable and friendly. So much to learn as a rider, it is all free and there for the taking. There is prolly an average of maybe 100 spectators at a track thats is 25 min from downtown. Sad.
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