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MotoGP Video Pass?

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Jimmyz, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I couldn't find anything specific to experience in a search so I'll ask in a new thread.

    Anyone have experience with the MotoGP Video Pass? Pro's, Con's... Quality, Bandwidth limitations? Worth the money? We were thinking about buying the package but as with so many other things like this, there are caveats that can really disappoint. So before I plop down nearly 200 bux, thought I'd throw this out there and see what others have to say.

  2. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    I have had it for four years now and love it. You are able to see all the historical races and other features along with the current season, qualifications and interviews and lot's more all in HD. I consider it money well spent.

  3. Ditto, though only for two years now. Combined with AppleTV, you can be streaming the race from your [iDevice] to your home theatre, in HD, with just two clicks. Haven't tested with Chromecast yet.

    Their site's UI isn't ideal (navigating the "Classics" section is next-to-impossible) but it's not so bad once you figure out where everything is, and they do seem to be steadily improving their systems. I experience the occasional dropout but that is to be expected with any data stream.
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  4. Thanks for the info! That is encouraging. The Fox sports coverage is really poor and the commercials are maddening. Really want to enjoy something better this year.
  5. I've had it the last two years and I'll be picking it up again for this season. Love it. Never had any issues watching in HD on my cable modem at home and I just dialed down the resolution to watch it on my parent's Wifi.

    I only wish WSBK and AMA would do the same.
  6. Any problems paying for it? I tried a couple years ago and yes... it's in Euros but reflecting back, I think it was my credit union debit card rejecting the payment. Probably security reasons. I didn't see a US site to pay.
  7. My bank called me after I because it triggered their fraud monitoring.... payment went through just fine though.

    I bought the video pass for the second year this year. Well worth it. I haven't yet talked to someone who regretted paying for it.
  8. I have had the Video Pass for a while. I watch the races live when I can and a few hours delayed for some of them. I find the quality to be quite good. This past year there were some issues with the highest quality early in the season, but they were trying out a new player in fairness.

    I pay for the lower package (€99.95/$140) and it is great. I couldn't justify paying for the deluxe package that gets you the different camera access and such.

    Also, if your bank has issues with the whole paying in Euros just pay through paypal. I have been doing that with them for years and never had so much as a minor issue.
  9. Ok, you guys have convinced ME and I didn't even start this thread
  10. Excellent info everyone. Thank you for that!
  11. Good info. Thank you.
  12. Been using it for 2 years since I cut the cord years ago. Chromecast to my TV from my Chromebook. No problems w/ HD video quality.

    My favorite part is being able to watch the race first thing when I wake up on Sunday, instead of waiting till the afternoon and avoiding the internet all day.
  13. It's absolutely worth it! I always renew my subscription. Yeah, it's not cheap, but their coverage is sooo good that it really adds to the enjoyment of the sport. It's especially handy to be able to stream the races and qualifying sessions when so many of the races happen with a 12 hour time difference. Not to mention the archive of past races that keep me entertained in the off-season.
  14. I did it last year. It's great. Just don't waste your money on the multi-camera angle option....The races follow the best camera angles, unless you like watching the back of the pack. ;D

    Oh yeah, and GO HRC....unless Telefonica/Movistar sets the deal up with Yamaha...then, go Rossi!....well, go Rossi anyway!
  15. This is my 3rd season with it, worth every penny. Like said above, your bank will probably call you after your purchase.
  16. It is your duty as a Moto GP pass holder to hold at least one bike during Moto GP.

    Rules are everyone brings food or beverages. If you don't bring anything, you can stay and clean up.

    *steps off soapbox

    Thank you.
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