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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by firedad, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Just over a month til GP. It's amazing how people drop like flies who were planning on going hahahaha.

    Looking at leaving preferably Tuesday, back on either the 1st or 2nd. Hotel splitting is MUCH cheaper than solo paying. I also have a line on a 2 bedroom house on base might be able to use.

  2. How much would the house be?

  3. 2 bedroom suite is 75 per night. 2 bedroom house 95, and a 3 bedroom house is 106 per night. All 3 are +5$ per person over 1. So if there is 4 people in a unit, it's +$15 per night. As of now, I have a reservation at the motel 6 in Salinas. If I remember right, it's like 80 per night.

    Honestly, for security and the money i'm thinking monterey would be better. But i'm easy either way. Depends on what the group wants to do.
  4. Dude, I'd SOOOOO love to do that and one day I hope to, but I could only afford the hotel/house or the race, but not both and that's why I didn't sign up when you originally posted! I hope you find some good folks to go with you.

    Oh, and enjoy the race!!
  5. Got three of us going down the Friday before, only going to the race sunday though. Gonna be one hell of a trip! Should get back by the 3rd, gonna take our time and really enjoy those roads all the way home up the coast.
  6. We did the Motel 6 in Salinas, let me tell you the Security guards were on point. They were on constant watch/ roving throughout the night. I felt my bike was safe w/ those guys.
    really nice bunch of guys (Security Company).:mfclap:
    Oh BTW there will be FOUR bikes from B-ham at that hotel for MotoGP
  7. Ya, would be nice to split a room though.... Saves a ton.
  8. Still lookin? I need a group to ride with. I rode to the WSBK races by myself and had an absolute blast but i'd rather not do this one solo
  9. Better go this year! I just saw the interview with the head of Dorna, and he said they hadn't chosen a U.S. venue (Seca, Texas, or Indy) yet. Don't completely count on Seca being available next year.
  10. I am sooo ready to go!! three of us are heading down friday the 27th, gonna go to the Sunday races then spend 3-5 days working up the coast home. I have been spending most of my spare time youtubing hwy 1 videos and drooling on my keyboard.
  11. I'm going. I got tickets and passes through work.
    That's as far as I've gotten, besides getting the time off and some new tie-downs to take the Duc.
  12. I need a place to stay! Just got my tickets recently! Spot available? PM and we'll get in touch via phone.
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