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Motorcycle friendy parking in Seattle

Discussion in 'Westside' started by rneeconan, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I have just started riding again after a long hiatus. I am interested in visiting Seattle a few times in the late Spring and Summer.

    Do any of you know of motorcycle friendly parking in Seattle (downtown mostly)?


  2. you dont have to pay for parking, just park anywhere legal...
  3. There is NO legal free parking in downtown Seattle.

    Sidewalks, alleys, areas between marked spaces, and roads are all illegal parking spots.
  4. Third & Madison, WFC has reduced parking rates for motorcycles
  5. Thanks for the responses.

  6. Pay particular attention to the Hospital lots (Virginia Mason, Swedish, Harbor View, etc...), they all have free parking in their lots for motorcycles. Might have to walk a bit depending on your destination....or just feed a parking meter and hope no one snags your parking receipt sticker for their own car leaving you with a parking ticket.
  7. I would pay the lot attendants, cost is about $8 for the day not to bad instead of leaving it on the street to get a $35 ticket. There are a few places by western ave and seneca that you see motorcycle parked for "free", of course can't guarantee the safety.
  8. GixxerPete

    GixxerPete Forum Synopsizer

    Except the free place I park mine that has bikes parked there day in and day out, never ticketed or towed. Must not be too illegal, huh?

    And not I'm not tellin where they are, least y'all come and take MY parking spot! :thefinge:
  9. Greeting from Oregon!

    I've got a multi-day biz trip to Seattle coming up starting next weekend (Oct 19th - 22nd). I'm staying at the Sheraton on Sixth Ave. and I'm riding my bike up if the weather looks OK.

    Is there any cheap motorcycle parking nearby? The hotel says they have m/c parking @ $15/night -- I'm wondering if there is anything cheaper. PM me if you know of anything.

  10. South Lake Union near Outback Steakhouse, bring a u-lock, hop on the Streetcar to Westlake.

    Free parking and quick ride into town. Easy on/off to I-5 via Mercer Street
  11. Thanks for the info!
  12. parking after 6pm is free- so are sundays. during these times you can park in a white or yellow zone. just stay away from the red.
  13. David Davenport

    David Davenport Street Rider

    Bump... Seattle Parking Sucks anyhow. Good Luck
  14. Pacific Place is fine, $5 all day with in and out rights. Carry a chain and lock it to the railing next to the bike parking area. Or alarm the damn thing, security tends to notice a screeching alarm on bikes.
  15. i wish seattle was more like san franciso, tons of parking (free, secured, illegal)... now here is my dilemma and i hope you guys can help. i know the situation in seattle as i'm originally from here.

    i am moving back from the SF and getting a place downtown (close proximity to belltown) i need to find a cheap secure parking area close to belltown or along a free bus route. willing to pay around $150/month (otherwise i dont get to leave seattle as easily as i would like since i would park the bike @ a friends house over on the eastside, since i'll be relegated to my BMW.... you BUS MUNICIPAL or WALKING) need help soon, will be back in town by mid march and hopefully the no rain for at least 3-5 days a week until fall.

    any help would be much appreciated and if someone gives me a really good hook-up then i'll take ya for a couple rounds at ohana's.
  16. I was just laid off from the garage at 3rd and stewart which is the garage that is connected to the Macys and its only 3 blocks from Pike Place Market. Early bird parking is $5.50 for a motorcycle M-F 5:30AM-8PM and an extra $5.00 if you stay later. The garage closes at 12am and opens at 5:30 am. I think the monthly rates and hourly rates will be going down due to the economy. I hope this helps.
  17. Seattle is crazy uptight about M/C parking. In Vancouver I would just pull it up onto the sidewalk ANYWHERE, for ANY period of time with no probs. But then they figured out I had a MaryJane charge from like 8 years ago and started to deny me access...BC denying me access cuzz a pot Anyhow, Wenatchee isn't any better we have what we call the "Parking Nazi" She is the only parking cop in the city and mainly stays downtown, but she has been doing it for like 15 years and cuts NO BREAKS. +1 on a disc lock while in Seattle.

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