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Motorcycle grievance thread.. bye charlie

Discussion in 'Westside' started by CFlore12, May 10, 2012.

  1. Charlie Sheen. My first motorcycle..:

    The fuck up of all bikes.
    I originally bought this bike for my ex after a tough break up, and then was faced with the fact.. that one.. I am a hopeless romantic idiot, and second... I have this stupid gixxer that I never wanted.

    But, the story goes, I crashed the bike, had no idea what I was dealing with, made a bunch of great friends from this forum and around town and kind of lost my mind in transition.

    I've spent hours outside in the rain working on this bike, and had many run ins with the cops asking me what I was doing taking a motorcycle apart at 1 am in the middle of an ally way.
    I had a flash light in my mouth and a bunch of bolts in my pocket, just trying to explain I can't sleep.

    Then I met a wonderful couple who decided to help me with my bike early on. I awkwardly tried to do some work cleaning out pistons and tried to say some things but could never figure out what to say for their kindness.

    "I just want to see you alive.." he said. I looked at him nervously and all i wanted to do was tell him how much I appreciate it and how I am not use to this kind of shit.. this sort of kindness...

    Then steve from everette who helped me finish clipping in the plastics and showed me how to change my oil. Every so often I think back to all those people throughout my day, and I promised myself that these are reasons why I continue to be a good person and try daily to give back to others by being there for them when they need me.

    some days are utter shit, the bike just stressed me out, took everything out of me, all my money and energy.. It was like the work it needed.. was endless.

    On the good days, we rode out to the middle of no where so I can chain smoke and think. I fucking hate the city and I just want to get away.

    All I could think of was riding as fast as I can and let things in my past fly by me.. I just let myself run away from all this shit for awhile... charlie was the thing that took me away.. from all the faces of people I use to know, all the people in my life and all my troubles for a bit.

    I handle all heart ache silently, and refuse to deal with the emotional bullshit but this motorcycle has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

    This bike has taken me out of my shell, helped get me out there to meet people, took me away from the fucking noise and crowd..
    took my mind off things..
    and at times took me back to places I've tried to bury in my memory..

    SO, for everyone who have met charlie.. give him a few words.

    He's gone now, off to a new owner to fucking stress out... and he's off fucking shit up but also.. at the same time making someone really happy.

    I'm buying a brand new bike this weekend.
    but I will never forget you charlie. I'm a fucking passionate, intense person, and for all the passion I have put into fixing you, learning everything about you, understanding how you turn and your limits, this will take awhile to get over.

    YES, i am crying about a motorcycle.


    please post a few words for all who have known charlie.. :(
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  2. I can't wait to see the next one. You have been shiny side up for quite a while now....

  3. Dear Charlie, you were an eccentric with an uneasy and troubled start but came into your own as you aged. Despite your ethanol based addictions and your many stints parked in rehab, you always managed to keep going and take care of Chris. You offered freedom and quick thrills that led to many memories, good and bad. You will be missed.
  4. umm...bye, "fucking" charlie

    you going to name your next bike Ashton?
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  5. Its funny how our bikes become part of us. I can't think of any other piece of machniery that we bond with like that.

    I felt pretty empty selling my Monster - my first bike. But damn if I don't love my current ride even more. You will too. So what's it going to be? We need new bike porn!
  6. It's definitely going to be a surprise. But yeah, for the sentimental folk, I always put in 110 percent of my passion into something if I do decide to do something.

    This is my first BRAND NEW bike. :)
  7. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    110% should have resulted in some gear. just sayin.
  8. I like your shorts :mrgreen:

    ohh and Good by Charlie, we've never met however, I like your style!
  9. She doesn't believe in gear. We have all tried at one point or another.

    Please don't buy a Duc. As much as I can't seem to jump on the Duc fan boi bandwagon, I'd really hate to see any Duc, let alone a new one retired to a boring life on the interstate.

    ***Edited because someone can't tell the difference between typos and English.
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  10. James!!! ENGRISH much?!


    To maintain a ducati .. is too pricey for an engineering student.
  11. So what bike is next then and why new if you can't afford to maintain it?
  12. ok


    and you posted a dozen pics of yourself


  13. It'll be a surprise. I've heard a lot of sketch things about ducati though, and the cost to repair small issues are ridiculous.

    Why do people have pictures of their kids and shit everywhere and are always trying to show you their babies?


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  14. Did you happen to look at them?

  15. i heart ray ray
  16. In all the pics you posted yourself by your bike, most pics showing you and only you mostly

    attention whore?
  17. Yes unfortunately.
  18. If you don't like her pictures you are either fully dead (even partially dead men will appreciate them) or have zero interest in women.
  19. hahahahahaha

    I laugh at your presumptions.

    I'm probably the shyest person you'd meet and why so butt hurt over this?

    waste your energy riding your motorcycle instead of hopping on here starting drama in my thread for MY first bike.
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