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Motorcycle insurance question

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Davidian, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. I recently got insurance for my bike through Progressive and for some reason when I went to finalize it, they found a ticket on my record that I was in the process of fighting, so that jacked my annual premium from $250 to $415. I told myself afterward I should have waited until AFTER I heard if my lawyer got the ticket dismissed (in which he did) to get insurance, but that was almost a month out and I wanted to ride, but am not stupid enough to hit the streets without insurance, so I just pulled the trigger. Anyway, my question is, do you think they'll re-evaluate my policy since the ticket will be dropped off my record? Has anyone else had to do this before? I'm going to wait a little, then check my driving record to make sure it is indeed off my record before I contact them, but I was just curious if anyone has ever had to do this before. Thanks guys (and girls)!
  2. My insurance company (good neighbor) says they evaluate my rate when my policy is up for renewal. I sign up for a year but pay monthly (auto-pay). My policy will renew next April and they will check my record then and adjust if needed. If you are just signing up they would check your record at that time and again when it renews. That is why the rate doesn't go up immediately when/if you get a ticket.

  3. Well, talk to some local insurance companies. My .02 on that, is if insurance is worth having, then get good insurance. I have American Family, and they are totally I can go visit my agent any time.

    Anyways...Get some rates from other insurance companies, then go back to your insurance company with your findings and compare.

    Or...if that's too much work, call up to cancel and tell them their rate is too high, and you had the ticket removed. They'll reduce it.
  4. I'm a bit confused. tickets arent supposed to show up on your record until you're found "guilty" that means that if you were fighting it in court, it shouldnt come up. or have things changed lately and I have no clue about it ?
  5. Progressive is famous for that....they reel you in with a cheap quote and then find a reason why they can't give you that rate after you have signed up hoping you will just keep paying what they tell you. talk to Santi...the official PNW insurance sponsor. I am in the process of switching to him from Gieko. Almost exactly the same rate and a MUCH better agent who understands bikes.
  6. Interesting....
    I've been with Progressive for over 2 years now through USAA as a new rider. I think I get a fairly substantial discount because of that, to be honest. Although I keep trying Santi, he can't touch my rates. I even had an at fault rear-ender last year that I openly admitted to and they never raised my rates. I guess it all depends on voodoo, the cosmos, karma or whatever, whether one gets screwed over or not. I still HATE insurance co's though!
  7. From what you said you didn't go ahead with the insurance. So if you go back in they still need to recalculate and look at your record if the ticket is truly not there your in the clear if they try to go with there original quote then contest it and tell them you have proof that that ticket does not exist (make sure you have written proof). If that doesn't work then go with another company. I have Country insurance and i had an accident recently and had 10000 in medical bills 2600 in damage to the bike and i only paid 500 the deductible it was impressive.
  8. It's a great advice. The insurance company will probably decide not to recalculate the insurance policy, if there is proof that the ticket does not exist.
  9. See that's what I thought, which was weird and confusing to me. My lawyer got the ticket dismissed, so it should have NEVER shown up....

    No I went with Progressive, was just seeing if anyone has been in my situation before. I'm going to get my driving record on hand to prove it's off my record and then call them back to have them re-evaluate my rates.
  10. Switch to state farm, if its dropped off they will give you a much better rate. Staying with a company that knows about a speeding ticket will only ensure an increase later, maybe a lower rate now with the hope of keeping you
    on only!
  11. I just switched today to State Farm from Allstate. My premium went from $780/year to $439/year. I'm about to move my car and home insurance too (another $1,000 in annual savings.) :scared

    I've had my auto policy with Allstate for 17 years, and hadn't shopped around for about 3 years. Didn't realize I was getting jacked that bad. So much for treating a long time, loyal, claim-free customer so well.....
  12. X2, State Farm is great. Also worth noting, their claims process is pain free.
  13. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    Agreed, on the low rates, just watch them...

    I pay something like 425/year for the brand new 1199, so that's all gravy.. but our rates have NEVER gone down with them. We have no reports for 10 years (not all with SF), and our rates have gone up (sometimes ALOT) every single year. :angry7:
  14. Progressive will not reevaluate your policy until renewal. Most companies fall under the same note however if you have a good agent sometimes they can help. If you (as in anyone) goes with Progressive I highly advise they do so through an independent agent rather than directly through the company. You'll pay the same costs and have better representation.

    I like this guy :thumbup: Having a solid agent in your corner can provide not only the help you need but also the knowledge you don't have. My clients are constantly calling with these types of questions and we're always here to clarify your best options.
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