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Motorcycle Projects, Rebuilds, Restorations

Discussion in 'Projects' started by beansbaxter, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. The community asked for it and now your wish is granted! Here is your spot share your motorcycle projects, rebuilds, restorations, etc.

    Please keep all projects in this forum related to motorcycles.


  2. I'm in the final stages of rebuilding my '50 FL chopper. This is the fourth time I've worn her out and rebuilt her. Roughly 100,000 miles.
    Already got one heat cycle on the newly rebuilt engine. I have a spare gas tank and had it painted when all the other parts were painted. The other day I decided I didn't like the way the tank fit so I grabbed the spare, flipped it over and cut the tunnel out. The tunnel is now going to be 1-1/2" lower. I'll get around to welding it up soon.
    Today I was at the DMV for other business and found out I qualify for an antiqe plate! This is great! No more renewals, fees and no tags.
    Gotta get her done before I get called to go back to work...
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