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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to let other members of this forum know about our new business. We've set up to do paint and body work on motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, small projects. It's a small operation, run by 3 guys that like motorcycles, scooters, vintage bikes and other cool stuff.

    We got tired of dealing with painters who lacked the attention to detail that's necessary when painting a bike. Dan, our painter, has years of experience with cars, motorcycles, scooters,mopeds, bikes (vintage and custom road bikes). All to high standards. I've won numerous awards for my vintage scooter builds, including winning the Custom Category of the Vintage Scooter Build Off 2 years in a row, Best Lambretta at Amerivespa (when it was in Seattle a few years ago) and lots of Best Lambretta awards at Northwest rallys.

    Thanks, Rudy

    Our website is:

    Or you can send us an email:

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  2. Cool, good to see a new business making a go of it in this economy. You just may get some of my projects if/when I move back to Vancouver.

    Edit: Never mind me, free adverts in the Marketplace, my apologies :)

    I know they changed the advertising policies on here, so not sure, but I think you need to be a site sponsor to do it. Please see the "Advertising" link at the top of the page.
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  3. Good to know, I prefer supporting the little guy. If you're still around come September, may have my Goldwing bits repainted.
  4. I'll pencil you in 8)
  5. what are your rates?
  6. Depends on what we're doing. Best to send me some pictures so we can get you a good estimate.
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