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Motorcycle shops in Idaho

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by maidenjade, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. maidenjade

    maidenjade Karma Rules!

    While on my road trip recently, the tires on my DRZ400SM were going bald. They were alright before I left but the rear tire began to show a "scratch" line in the middle and it got longer and longer each time I rode.

    So my riding partner and I headed towards Idaho Falls to see if there were shops that might have the right tires. On the way, we saw a sign board Rexburg Motorsports. We stopped by and wow, we could not believe how helpful one of the guys was (name Cody). He called various nearby shops to see if they had the tires that might fit my bike since Rexburg did not have the right tire size. Then he said that Bott in Idaho Falls might have the tires. So we continued to Idaho Falls and found Bott. Immediately, the guys there started changing the tires since they knew we were on a road trip. Within an hour, everything was done.

    Thanks to these guys for their great service.

    We happily went on our way. The rest of the story is here:
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Welcome to the EAST side. Thats cool they helped you!

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