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Motorcycle tow - Beacon Hill to Ducati Seattle

Discussion in 'Westside' started by schmitty71435, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. My ducati monster was rear ended last week and after waiting for the guy who hit me's insurance to go through, i was going to bring it in to Ducati Seattle for an estimate assessment. I drove the bike home from the accident and started it up once during the week it sat in my yard with no problems. It wouldnt start when i went to take it to the dealer this past friday. No its not a battery problem and since it already has to go to the dealer i figure they can take a quick peek while they look at the damage. I only have a car and don't know anyone with a truck. Every tow place i call gives insane prices considering i am a solid 7 miles to the dealer.

    If there is anyone in the Beacon Hill area who has a truck or trailer and could help me move my bike to the dealer i would truly appreciate it. Of course we can work out a price.

    Also, because the only damage from the rear end was bent pipes, broken lights, and scrapes and cracks on plastic parts, i am leaning towards unfortunate coincidence on the engine problems. Don't want to pay for the tow thinking this guys insurance will not do all they can to stiff me with the bill.

    Thanks and any input is appreciated
  2. I work in Service at Ducati Seattle, low side towing is not a bad deal.
    Tim is a good guy.
    If i had a truck i would help you out.

  3. I can help you out. I've got a truck and trailer. My number is in my profile, give me a call tomorrow
  4. Tim is on vacation this week.
  5. amazing, can't thank you enough and i will talk to you tomorrow.

    Yeah i looked into low side towing and noticed they are out for the week.

    Buz, random question but i get off work at 4pm everyday and closing at 6pm, i may not be able to get the bike there before you close. Do people ever leave their bikes parked outside the dealer and return in the morning to roll it in?
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