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motorcycles for short people

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by bicycle_ben, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. bicycle_ben

    bicycle_ben <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    so my friend Ashley is looking for a sport bike of some flavor and has run into a problem. shes too short! shes 5'1" so she really is short.

    any particular bikes that fit short people better? what does it cost/whats involved to get a bike shortened up?
  2. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    gsxr 600 and 250 ninja plus you can havebikes lowered for our short friends

  3. DiveR-1

    DiveR-1 Mr. Pecs

    She looking for anything in particular? Newer? Older?
  4. bicycle_ben

    bicycle_ben <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    well she said she doesnt like cruisers but other than that she seems fairly open to makes and models.
  5. buying the right bike for you:

    Yamaha Virago 250 - best of the best "bikes for shorties"?? Look at the seat height of some of these ~

    best beginner ??

    review of several best beginner bikes (includes the Ninja 250 on page 2):
  6. Ninja 250 is the lowest of the sportbikes I believe. Plus it's lightweight and doesn't have a buttload of centrifugal force to throw around.
  7. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    My girlfriend is 5'2", we did a bunch of research finding her a low bike. I assume you're looking for something other than a beginner bike? If not, Ninja 250 is good, or what I have is an Interceptor 250, which my gf learned to ride on, also short. But as far as bigger low seat height bikes go, the best options we found for her were the Ducati Monster and the Buell Lightning "Low". The SV650 was also a possibility although it would've needed some padding shaved from the seat to make it work. She ended up with the Lightning Low, which is exactly the same as the standard XB9S except that it comes from the factory with a more scooped out seat for shorter riders. Anyways, it's definitely tough to find many options for short riders, especially if you're looking at 600+ ccs. As far as sportbikes go, your options are really limited!
  8. Ben - if you bring her by she can try CatLikeNinja's bike on for size....lemme know
  9. the suzuki has the lowest seat hight or the 250 nija will work fine , buy used it is going to be droped , no big deal..
  10. bicycle_ben

    bicycle_ben <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    haha yeah im glad i bought my bike used. the first time i dropped it ... well you all know how that feels

    id bring her by but shes lives in portland!
  11. maybe also a monster 695 or find an older monster 600.
  12. Hey Ben,
    I am not actually super fond of the ninja, or even Kawasaki, nothing wrong with them, but just not my favorite bike. Regardless, my ninja 250 has been a great starter bike for me. I don't know if Ashley already rides or not, but either way as a first bike to own it is great. Inexpensive, easy to modify, and easy to throw around for a smaller framed person.
    If you know Megan, the marathon runner, she is under 5' short, and she has sat on mine and loved it. It was a little stretch, but not too bad.
    As Chris said, if she is down this way she can try mine out, or we may be headed up to Portland soon. If so, I'll let you know and she can hook up with us up there.
  13. bicycle_ben

    bicycle_ben <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    ok cool - give me a heads up when you go and ill give her some contact info or something
  14. Hey Ben,
    I was on a ninja forum and found a post talking about bikes for vertically challenged people. I think I found a solution for Ashley. :toothy7:

    This guy had them made for his wife&#8230;.

  15. I ride a SV650S and I'm 5'3 :mrgreen:

    I recommend to swap out the seat with a Corbin seat. It's super lowcut and stylish too.

    Then again, I'm not sure you'd classify an SV650S as a beginner bike.

    Best check out those 250 Ninja's that everyone is talking about.
  16. I was wondering when you were going to respond to this thread. LOL Just playin.
  17. Hey Ben, is she hot?

    Uh... I mean... I need to see a picture to determine the best fitting bike.
  18. bicycle_ben

    bicycle_ben <img src="/images/ranks/mod.gif" alt="Moderator">

    haha those are some awesome boots - ill tell her getting platform shoes is another option :)

    and yeah Jason shes hot (im a fan of the red heads) but sadly shes taken by someone other than me :(

    but hey if i can put another girl on a bike ill take one for the team
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