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  1. I am moving out of my condo and into a smaller room in someone's house, so now I have room for exactly none of my old luxuries. Rather than rent a storage facility for a whole year or two I would love to sell it to someone who will use it more.

    I have black and white A&F store posters. the big ones that hang aroud and in front of the store. (PM and I will email you pictures but I cant fiure out how to post on this site)

    -six 3'x5' posters and one is a reproduction of a bruce weber.
    -two 4'x6' poster
    -one 6'x8' poster

    I also have two snowboards
    -I have a GNU skidder 136 with bindings
    -I have one burton motion 146 without bindings, has a mild gash about 4 inches long that does not pierce all the way through laminate

    I have SCUBA gear (note: I will not sell these Items to anyone unless they can show me a current PADI or NAUI certification for liability reasons).

    -I have one 2005 model Poseidon Besea BCD that I bought for 1200, with less than 20 hours of time on it.this BC was meant to bring Cmmercial Diver quality and technical diver security to recreational diving. it is the 1098 of BCD's. will sell it for 600

    -regulator setup that consists of 2005 Scubapro regulators and backup with a suunto gekko dive computer. will sell for 400.

    -I set of Apollo style fins (the same kind that the Navy SEALS use. I know becuase I had one comment to me about them). 60

    -one set of size 10 DUI Rock boots. 40

    -one Scubapro wesuit that was given to me by te commercial Dive school I went to.

    -2 Pressed Steel 125 tanks, will hold 3400PSI or over instead of the usual 31 with normal steel or 29 with most alum. tanks. I bought them for 300 a piece as bailout bottles for SSD when I was getting my CDL (Commercial Diver License). I checked them and pressure tested them last year myself while on job, but they do need to be commercially certified before you can get them filled by a dive shop. they are currently sitting at 350 PSI each. I will sell them for 300 for the pair or 200 each. I will recert them before I sell but fo an extra 25 onto the price.

    -I also have tons of other stuff I will throw in for free if you buy the whole lot or at least most of it including, mask, 2 extra pairs of boots, (a Truly badass) dive knife, 2 LED dive Lights, hood for wetsuit, gloves, weights, spare parts and O rings.

    if you see somehing you want PM me and I will hold for you. some things I havent named a price for but I havent decided yet. let me know what you can pay and maybe we will work something out. I might be open to trades for certain things.
  2. Damn I need to learn to dive.
  3. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    soap lake wa.
    As your able... please Pm the posters, esp. the two larger.
    free and clean, Ripp'n
  4. El_Diablo

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    06' ZX-10R
    I'm signing up for a class soon. :)
  5. I'm hoping to do one before I leave on vacation. That would be dumb to go to the Caribbean and not be able to dive. :tard:
  6. mjn

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    '05 Busa, '81 Seca 550, '78 Hawk, '69 Z50A
    I have a friend in your area that is an avid diver....I'll pass the info along..
  7. El_Diablo

    I Ride:
    06' ZX-10R
    I went diving in Jamaica when I was about 13 without any cert. Thats Jamaica for you though.a
  8. ok, the tanks are spoken for for now.

    and I will send pictures of those two larger posters hopefully tonight
  9. I would like to see the posters as well... email them to me and ill post them up for ya...
  10. I will post a link to the poster pics by friday, I am moving righ now so i am a little crazy right now.
  11. fins are spoken for
  12. so when I moved I figured that I could just plug my od cable modem in... not so much. here are four of the smaller posters.




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