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Mt. baker hwy repave

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by 88dx, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Was up there yesterday. It's already way better. Still a lot of bumps, but at least now it's got someone's attention. Not much gravel on the 15'ers. Had a great run. Here's to new blacktop!

  2. good to hear, i might make a tard trip up there this weekend:mfclap:

    Do you live right by the raspberry ridge golf course? Ive see a white duc going in/out of there.
  3. That I do.

    We've met. Mosquito Lake Rd. North Fork Brewery run. Last year or so.
  4. ahh I have short term and long term memory loss :tard:
  5. Might want to skip it this weekend, per Bham Herald, Got the Bike race thing going on.

    A section of Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point will be closed Sunday morning, Sept. 9, for the annual Ride 542 race.

    The highway will be closed at Canyon Creek Road near Glacier to its end point at the Artist Point parking lot

    Read more here:
  6. Good lookin out, I was thinking about going too. Ya know, they never shut down awesome roads like that for our kinda bikes. Ain't right.
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