Mt baker ride tonight 8/13/12

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by h_travis, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Working on dialing in my suspension on the Cbr and can't think of a better place to do it. Be at the deming chevron at 630, I'll wait a few minutes.
  2. I saw you twice! I was coming down as you were headed up and then you passed us right after we left BMG. Took the dogs up to play in the snow this afternoon.
  3. Hahaha, yep I remember passin a mazda on hwy 9 on my way home! My apologies if it wasnt the safest place to do so :devil:

    CBR is very confidence inspiring now, I think I got the suspension almost perfect. It was set way too firm before, affecting traction big time. A few slight tweaks and proper sag setting and it'll be a whole new machine.... Just in time for my hand surgery and then winter. Shit. :angry7:

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