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Mt.St.Helens GroupRide 4.29

Discussion in 'Westside' started by NinjaGurl06, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. This Sunday, for those who are interested: We are doing another group ride, this time to Mt. St. Helens. 96 miles south of Seattle. Meeting at Bahama Breeze South Center at 10am
    All are Welcome...
  2. this sounds fun, what will be the pace?

  3. hmmm...this or Tulip ride....
  4. I was planning on the Tulip ride, hmm, which do I choose.
  5. What is this tulip ride??
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  6. Are you planning the windy ridge route or...the other route, whatever that's called? I've done windy ridge but I haven't done the other route. Just curious.
  7. Windy ridge doesn't open 'til late June or early July, and 25 is closed due to a slide, expected to open early June.

    EDIT: Not closed due to a slide. I didn't notice the date on the alert that came up in the search. Closed until July 4th according to the forest service site.
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  8. Are you trying to be funny....? :p

    Last weekend we rode to Portland, took back roads through Longview...There about about 20-25 of us. Med-Fast paced
    depending on the road.


    Decisions Decisions!!! AHHHH!!!
    Up to you guys, you'll have fun either way...
  9. LOL No.
    But If yours can keep up, then by all means.

  10. Just did it last weekend, it's closed half way up. Snow. I'll go again unless ur taking the freeway to get down there. There are some great roads thru centralia( funner than the mt itself?) If u like a faster pace and corners then I can help. It's my back yard. And apparently not many people ride on this forum. Let's go get some smiles!
  11. Atleast take back roads from Centralia on.?
  12. Follow this guy, he knows the back roads to the MT I do. :mrgreen:

    I say do Alder/Morton/708 then a left on Jackson Rd to get to the Mt.
  13. Mark me down as a tentative "in". I was planning to change my fork oil but...well...this just sounds like more fun. Also gotta be back to pick up the lady friend from the airport later that night. Probably will do the tulip thing on our own the next day.
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You mean 508, right? My wife and I rode to Puyallup via this route. 508 to HWY 7 to HWY 161....Great ride!

  15. Yes 508 from Morton towards Onalaska. At the 4 way turn left and heads towards Mt St Helen's.
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Cool! I was wondering if there was some road up there I didn't see on a map that had lots of twisties......:devil:

    I was also looking and Spencer Road looks like a nice ride along the water also.
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