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Mt. St. Helens memorial run

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by randb, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. the 4th annual st. helens memorial bike run is going to be May 16,2010. the group will be leaving at 10:00 am from the gateway food and fuel gas station in Castle Rock,up hwy. 504 to Johnston far,the group is 39 bikes strong.It should be an awesome ride!
  2. I thought the big bang was on the 18th? Is the 16th more convenient?

  3. It was May 18th but that is a Tuesday this year. May 16th is on Saturday.

    I lived in Longview. I remember our living room light was swaying at about 8 in the morning. When we looked out our window we saw the giant atomic ash cloud. Later I went to the fair grounds. I rode the Octopus ride and stared at the looming cloud of ashy doom. The next day we went to the Cowlitz and watched as houses were being washed down the river via pyroclastic flows.
  4. Post more details, it sounds like a great ride!

  5. You mean the 16th is a Sunday, not a Saturday....Not trying to be rude just making sure everyone here is on the same sheet of music 8)
  6. Awhile back I posted info about the ride to mt. st. helens,and there seems to be some confusion about the date. yes,the main eruption was the 18th.but since most of us have to work that day,{and I'm only guessing here} the run WILL BE ON THE 16TH WHICH IS A SUNDAY,NOT A SATURDAY.I hope that clears it up a little. Oh,and the last time I checked,the number of bikes is now up to 48. its gonna be a good time.
  7. sounds like fun i think i may join you guys for this one and get to met some of you also will be cool :)
  8. hey,you're more than welcome to join us.gonna be a great ride!
  9. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    I wish it was on a Saturday!:roll:
  10. well, it appears i am off that day with plenty of time to make plans on attending. So mark me down as a very good possibility
  11. Ooops! My bad. You are absolutely correct, sorry if I confused anyone.

    Sunday May 16th.
  12. hey guys you still planing on this ride ?
  13. ill do my best to be there!:mfclap:
  14. Brian, I'm thinking of meeting them in Astoria and riding back to Oly with them. We could both do that then ride back here together. I think they'll be here around lunch time. I have to check my schedule and make sure I'm not working.
  15. This sounds like it could be quite fun...hmm...
  16. This sounds interesting and good way to meet other PNWR's. Who is the memorial ride dedicated to?
  17. dang ! we both have busy schedules , i have to work 1 weekned a month but can go for local rides then, im on call 24-7 for any emergencys, the wife just informed me that i promised to take her to church sunday for the grandkids program, well hook up sometime, sat & sun 12:30. i ride most all the time, to work ect! cant get enough ! it started about 5 years old!
  18. crackup: :mfclap:

    It's for the big mound of dirt you'll see when you get to Johnstone Ridge.
  19. I think it is dedicated to some Saint named Helen
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
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