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Mudslingers MX winter series schedule out

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crxracer98328, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. those who have raced in this series before down in rochester know the owner died last year and it was uncertain if the series would continue. well good news is that is but its no longer at the track in rochester it will be at straddleline! i did the whole series last year and it is pretty impressive how many racers show up. here is the schedule i grabbed from the straddleline website. the races are spred out so i will probably run some of the woodland series and some of the team tourtise races at riverdale.

    practice- nov 18th
    race #1 -dec 9th
    race #2- jan 13th
    race #3- jan 27th
    race #4- feb 17th
    race #5- march 10
  2. This brings back fond memories of racing down there in the freezing cold and trying not to crash with numb hands. Good stuff

  3. O dude last year they had a race during snowmagedon. Total white out it was epic
  4. couple pics from last years snow race(notice the starting gate is still full)


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