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My Bike wont start in the cold

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by eseeray26, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. So two mornings in a row I cant start my bike when I need to. The cold blooded bastard just wont do it till the sun has beat down on it for awhile. fortunatly, I was able to take the car but that wont always be an option does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do.

  2. could you be a bit more specific on "won't start"

    like it won't turn over? it won't fire up? it won't idle?

    are you choking the snot out of it? is your choke adjusted properly?
  3. find, or buy, a small space heater and aim it at your oil pan. More than likely your engine is so cold that the oil is more viscus than normal and your engine has shrunk ever so slightly due to the extreme cold. When you get up in the morning place the heater so that it's blasting the underside of the engine (as best as you can). This should heat the oil/ oil pan/ engine enough over the course of your morning routine to allow it to start. Also, you may have to place your battery on a tender to keep it juiced up. Just like engines while batteries like cold, to much is a bad thing.
  4. Is it possible that the battery electrolyte has frozen?

    If so, at night, I would pull the battery and keep it inside where it's less likely to freeze over.
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Its possible the battery's cold. That year Hawk had a lead acid battery. It can get cold enough to freeze. Or, if the battery's terminals and cables are corroded, it may be enough along with the cold to not allow the bike to turn over fast enough to start.
    Someone mentioned a space heater.
    Years ago, when Dinosaurs roamed the freeways, I covered my 350 Honda twin with a electric blanket and then a tarp.
  6. sorry it turns over and I got a good back fire once I think my oil is to cold and I think my choke isnt right either
  7. my advice: check your choke, and maybe try to adjust the idle up a bit, if that doesn't help, time to keep your bike warmer
  8. Drain the oil and heat it over a stove like the bush pilots do? Just enough to be normal temp. not hot.
  9. keep it in the house like i do and keep a battery tender on it. my scoot always rolls out at at least 70 degrees and a full charge!
  10. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Do a plug check and perhaps screw a new pair in.
  11. Here's a better idea, get another bike... crackup:

    Keep that one for the rest of the year, but get some cheap scoot for winter time...
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    But they ALL can have this problem!
  13. Injected bikes get it too. My buddies 05 R1 wouldn't start the other day till we warmed up the engine a bit doing the space heater trick.
  14. Being your bike is newer than any I have I know what you go through.
    I don't even start mine everyday while it's winter. But when I do always keep the 305 plugged to a tender while I am starting it, choke up all the way and short cranks until it starts. Takes a few times and than will use the kicker instead of starter after 3/4 times. Look at getting a differant oil viscosity does make a differance, what are you currently using ? Funny thing is my lil C90 needs none of the babying my big bike does. Never on a tender, put choke up and usually second kick it's running and away I go. Tried to get the new/old750going last night after putting in new points, condensors, etc. with an old battery that was fully charged and still on the charger no luck. Ordered new battery today, seems to me HONDA'S are just cold blooded. Guess they can't be flawless on everything. pd
  15. This thread prompted me to go out and try to start my bike... It wouldn't. It barely cranked and wouldn't turn over at all. I plugged in the battery tender to see if that will help. No chance of me parking it inside...navigating my stairs would be tricky!
  16. cold drains the cranking power of your battery. tender will help somewhat. if you're not riding it all winter, pull and keep the battery inside (and keep it on the tender, plz).

    space heater is a good idea, another one is to double blanket your bike and keep a lit lightbulb inside the blankets to keep the oil warm. I used to do this with my boat.

    new sparkplugs, clean and big enough pilot jet, fresh gas, and a spray of ether all go along way toward making an easy-starting bike.
  17. When you do start it check the carb sync and air screw adjustment.

    If you don't have a space heater, etc. Park it with the exhaust pipe from your car pointed at the engine and start up your car for a few minutes. NOTE : obviously don't do this every day, just to get it started and diagnose the problem.
  18. Just get nakked and spoon with it for a bit, always works for me........................Oh, wait, that's the wife .....nevermind.
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